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The Netherlands will donate an additional €14 million to UNHCR Jordan for the basic needs of refugees.news article

News | Dec 12, 2022 | 08:28

With an additional EUR 14 million contribution from the Dutch Government, UNHCR Jordan continues to provide cash assistance for basic needs to poor refugee families in Jordan.

image: ©Lily Carlisle/UNHCR Jordan

Amman, Jordan – Monday 12 December 2022 – Today, the Kingdom of the Netherlands announced an additional €14 million allocation to UNHCR Jordan. This donation is aimed directly at addressing the critical basic needs of her 31,400 vulnerable refugee families in Jordan.

This additional funding is in response to recent calls by UNHCR and the Government of Jordan for additional assistance to Jordanian refugees. The rising cost of living is having a major impact on the situation of vulnerable people in Jordan, especially refugees.

“The Dutch contribution of €14 million to UNHCR’s Cash Assistance Program aims to alleviate the immediate needs of the most vulnerable refugees and help them pay their food, housing and energy bills. This donation is a sign of our continued commitment to helping Jordan, which is hosting a very large number of refugees,” said Harry Felwey, Jordan’s Ambassador to the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

“We are grateful that the Netherlands responded to our call for assistance to refugees during the winter,” said Dominic Virtsch, UNHCR’s representative in Jordan. “This allows us to maintain cash support for the most vulnerable women, men and children and stabilize vulnerable households.”

As a core social protection mechanism, cash assistance provides dignified support to those most in need and helps mitigate the negative impacts of increasing poverty and vulnerability.

The Netherlands is among UNHCR’s top five undesignated donors, including support for UNHCR in Jordan. Her €14 million adds to the Netherlands’ longstanding support for UNHCR. Furthermore, this additional funding complements the Dutch multi-year support in Jordan through the PROSPECTS partnership. Bringing together IFC, ILO, UNHCR, UNICEF and the World Bank, PROSPECTS promotes self-reliance among refugees and vulnerable Jordanians by improving access to and inclusion in quality education, employment and protection services. Support the Jordanian government. development goals.

https://www.netherlandsandyou.nl/latest-news/news/2022/12/11/netherlands-donates-%E2%82%AC14-million-to-unhcr-for-refugees The Netherlands will donate an additional €14 million to UNHCR Jordan for the basic needs of refugees.news article

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