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The number of children’s shelters declines the most in a decade

The number of shelters in the Netherlands fell by a quarter last year. The number of requests has dropped from 1,997 for him in 2021 to 1,572 for him in 2022. This is the largest decline in ten years. advertisement Report based on Child Protection Commission figures.

Courts have granted nearly all requests to remove a child from a parent’s or guardian’s home on the grounds of child safety, the newspaper said.

Over the past year, the Child Protection Board has generally provided less compulsory assistance to families. The total number of court applications for juvenile protection measures fell to 7,452 from 9,685 last year. In addition to providing custody, it also includes supervision and release of custody of troubled family members.

Bianca Poldervaert, strategic policy adviser for the Child Protection Commission, said one of the reasons for the decline is that social workers are working with youth protection organizations to “plan well with parents to ensure that children can continue to live at home.” It is said that

But Theo Rodder, director of the Child Protection Commission, said a significant staffing shortage was also at play. “We visit families who are in great trouble and in dire need of help, but who cannot get it,” he told the newspaper. “We have heard from Commission investigators that they are reluctant to apply for child protection measures because they know there are no juvenile guardians.”

“It worries us,” says Roder. Because it involves the family in a dangerous situation that really requires intervention.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/05/23/biggest-drop-custodial-placements-children-decade The number of children’s shelters declines the most in a decade

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