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The Onion with a Pearl Earring: Vermeer’s Revision

Image: Olga Pavolga from the Mauritshuis

Ah public challenge Creating images inspired by Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring has inspired works ranging from the quirky to the infinitely artistic.

The Mauritshuis invited people from all over the world to celebrate its most famous work of art make a work Taking inspiration from the Dutch masters, they use photography, weaving, painting, clay, paper quilling or whatever artistic technique they fancy.

While the paintings themselves are on loan, a selection of art will be exhibited at the same location in The Hague’s museum.

Created in 1665, this original is considered Johannes Vermeer’s most famous work. Contrary to popular perception and popular books and films, Mauritshuis describes it as a “tronie”, a painting of a fictional character rather than an actual portrait. The subject in this girlish exotic dress with large pearls was popular at the time.

Image: Melania Bartulovich via Mauritshuis

In two months, the museum had entries ranging from a photo of a bearded man with a nose ring and corn on the cob to a sprouted onion adorned with ribbons.especially Social mediathe competition was enthusiastically adopted.

Mauritshuis spokesperson Rene Timmermanns said the museum has counted the number of entries it has received so far and is judging the best. I knew I was giving a ration, and this call has definitely proven it!” he said. “We have received many positive responses and very creative submissions.”

He added:

The Vermeer Gallery presents selected works in digital frames for a week from February 6th to June 4th. The original, meanwhile, will be on display as part of the blockbuster Vermeer exhibition at a museum in Amsterdam. Rijksmuseum Amsterdamreturning to the Mauritshuis on 1 April.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/01/onion-with-a-pearl-earring-vermeer-revised/ The Onion with a Pearl Earring: Vermeer’s Revision

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