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The suspect denies playing an active role in the takeout restaurant bombing and shooting.

A 19-year-old man suspected of carrying out violent attacks on restaurants in The Hague and Rotterdam has admitted taking part in the attacks but insisted he hadn’t taken an active role. Xavierno L. of aan den IJssel gave testimony in a Rotterdam court on Wednesday at the first hearing in his case.

Co-defendant Leon A. is said to have planted and fired explosives. This concerns the outlets of Surinamese’s takeaway restaurant Lobi BBQ on Houfkade Street in The Hague and Kress de Vrieseran Street in Rotterdam, where explosives have been detonated and gunshots have been heard in the restaurant. shots were fired. I was not injured.The restaurant has been closed since then

Four suspects were detained in the case, including L and A. His other two are underage suspects. L admitted he was in A’s car when he drove to both restaurants, but was not involved in the attack. His lawyer asked the court to release him.

But prosecutors took a completely different view. “L. was released a day earlier in another criminal case in which he was a suspect, and he quickly gets into someone’s car on his way to another criminal activity.”

The court decided to keep L. in pretrial detention. “The number of incidents in Rotterdam where homes and businesses have been shot down and bombs have been placed in front of their doors has skyrocketed,” the president of the court said. added in explaining the reasoning behind what was considered in making its decision.

Wednesday’s situational hearing was held ahead of a trial due later this year. A date for the next trial has not yet been announced.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/03/22/suspect-denies-active-role-takeaway-restaurant-bombings-shootings The suspect denies playing an active role in the takeout restaurant bombing and shooting.

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