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The train will run around Amsterdam, Utrecht and The Hague from 9am

of malfunction The issue that led to the closure of much of the Dutch rail network was resolved on Monday morning. The problem affected trains to and from Amsterdam Central Station, including international trains, but also caused problems between Leiden and The Hague and between Utrecht and Leenen.

Trains are expected to resume operation around 9:00 a.m., but it is highly likely that they will resume gradually. Technical problems surfaced late Sunday afternoon. All video monitors in the railway traffic control center at Amsterdam Central Station were destroyed.

“From 9:00 a.m., trains in Amsterdam will resume operation. Prorail, a railway infrastructure company, has warned that there will be confusion in the morning, such as trains being shorter than planned, and that the trains have not yet been cleaned. Please keep in mind that it is possible.” “In the rest of the country, trains will run as close to the timetable as possible.”

Both Prorail and JNR NS said passengers should continue to check online trip planners before going to stations. “In the meantime, ProRail is conducting an investigation to determine the cause of the failure, but it is not yet known.”

Both groups said they sympathize with passengers affected by the issue.

The failure of Prorail’s train traffic control system near Amsterdam occurred on Sunday afternoon. ProRail seemed to fix the problem quickly, but it broke down again on Sunday evening.

Harry Styles fans who missed Sunday’s concert in Amsterdam may be able to attend on Monday or Tuesday, a spokesperson for the promoter told ANP. Promoter MOJO said it was looking for a solution, even though the number of no-shows was lower than expected.

Train trouble also meant that hundreds of fans who could have seen either Harry Styles at the Amsterdam Arena or Ghost at AFAS Live were unable to attend. eventually got stuck After the performance. About 150 people took refuge in the Ziggo Dome. All three venues are located in Amsterdam Zuidoost.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/06/05/trains-expected-run-9-around-amsterdam-utrecht-hague The train will run around Amsterdam, Utrecht and The Hague from 9am

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