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The Ultimate Benefits of Using a Mobile Ad Network

The mobile advertising industry is thriving at the pace of a skyrocket. The revenues and growing and advertising opportunities are evolving with each passing day. The mobile market is surely getting bigger and better, and so is the mobile advertising potential. Today, every other person owns a smartphone and spends almost 3 hours 15 minutes on average while using it. This handy device opens its users to the digital space.

Whether people now want to order something, get food delivered, call in a taxi or more, everything is readily available on smartphones in the shape of apps. Mobile apps connect us to people, enable services and bring convenience to our lives. Where almost everyone is using mobile apps to stay connected and avail services, advertisers have found it as a great opportunity to market. The total mobile ad spending is expected to grow up to $395.96 billion in 2022.

The ad spending sum is undoubtedly huge and enables us to understand the power of mobile advertising. Advertisers, whether brands or apps, now look for chances to advertise in mobile apps. On the other hand, app developers and publishers look for ways to monetize their apps via in-app advertising. This means that where on one hand advertisers want spaces in apps to advertise, app publishers need to sell those spaces for mobile app monetization.

In-app advertising ranks among the most commonly used mobile app monetization strategies to date. To be able to enable in-app advertising either for monetization or marketing purposes, publishers and advertisers need ad networks.

What Is A Mobile Ad Network?

A mobile ad network acts as a bridge that connects app publishers with advertisers and vice versa. An ad network’s job is to fetch quality ads from the advertiser’s end and place them into ideal placeholders for better conversions. To make this happen, an ad request is generated from the app publisher’s end which consists of ad preferences. These preferences are then matched at the advertiser’s end to find the perfect ad. Once it is done, an ad request is successfully answered by serving an ad into the available slot.

Ad networks offer an array of ad formats that are essential for advertisers to run efficient campaigns. Besides, publishers are also in need of interactive ad placeholders to retain users, improve user experience and monetize.  Where one side acts as the demand side, the other acts as the supply side. Ad networks are essential for leveraging in-app advertising whether for mobile app monetization or marketing.

Why are Mobile Ad Networks Important?

Mobile ad networks play a critical role in enabling in-app advertising. Ad Networks act like commercial and technical ad mediators between the app publishers and advertisers. To make the results better, mobile ad networks often offer mediation or in-app bidding options. These are executed to connect the supply side with the best mobile ad networks for publishers. Ad Networks bring in greater benefits for the advertisers as well as app publishers at convenience. Here is all that you have been missing out on…

The Ultimate Benefits of Mobile Ad Networks

Mobile ad networks open mobile apps to greater opportunities. It just takes one SDK integration for the ad network to begin ad serving at the publisher’s end. Advertisers on the other end just require you to sign up into an ad network and run campaigns. The processes are simple and have been made super easy by the latest developments in Ad Networks. The benefits include:

Open Access to Inventory

Ad networks open advertisers’ access to the largest inventory of users based on their campaign goals and preferences. Smartphone users today have surpassed 6 billion and are expected to grow with time. An ad network has the power to let advertisers target just the right audience among these 6 billion.

On the other hand, ad networks open app publishers to multiple advertisers that match their set of preferences. An app publisher can easily filter out the type of ads they want their app audience to see. However, the inventory of ad genres is open and conveniently accessible.

Premium Impressions

In-app advertising revolves around ad impressions. App publishers need greater impressions for better mobile app monetization. Whereas, advertisers need impressions that add to the conversion rate. A mobile ad network has the ability to streamline campaign goals with the ads being served to generate premium revenues.

The ad network only displays an ad that perfectly matches an app user’s preferences. All this is done under microseconds but leads to greater conversions Advertisers only enjoy results from premium impressions that result in higher conversions.

Improved Ad Reach

Mobile ad networks improve and increase ad reach for advertisers by successfully serving ads at a higher fill rate. Ad networks are swift in maintaining fill rates by efficiently serving ads as soon as ad requests are generated. Ads are managed and only served within relevant mobile apps which can increase the ROI while adding value to the revenues.

Interactive Campaigns

Ad networks make in-app advertising fun and highly efficient. This is done by offering multiple interactive advertising campaigns alongside engaging ad formats. Mobile ad networks offer campaigns with different goals keeping in mind apps, games and brands. An ad network may allow advertisers to run cross-promotion campaigns, in-app feature promotion campaigns and more.

Besides, ad formats offer multiple engaging ad formats to enable better conversions and to gain greater impressions. The list of commonly offered ad formats includes banner ads, interstitials, video ads, audio ads and more. By using a fine mix of ad formats and placements one can effectively monetize and advertise.

Advanced Targeting

Ad networks offer advanced targeting to bring out greater CTR and conversions. By letting users take control of advertising campaigns, ad networks enable them to target the right audience for conversions. Advertisers can easily set audience goals and filter users based on demographics and much more. This advanced targeting also helps advertisers optimize their campaigns to dig out the best results.


Transparency of the key performance indicators is what drives in-app advertising for monetization as well as promotion. Ad networks provide extensive breakdowns of all the important KPIs making it easy for both publishers and advertisers to evaluate their strategies and optimize them for greater performance.

Ad networks are vital for executing and managing in-app advertising. These platforms have surely made mobile app monetization and in-app promotion a lot more easy and handier than ever before.


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