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Top 3 win with 4 goals for Feyenoord, AZ struggle

Fabio Silva scored for PSV after Xavi Simmons had a moment to shine. Photo: ANP/Bart Stoutjesdijk

Feyenoord extended their Eredivisie winning streak to eight games, beating RKC Waalwijk to keep them on eight points.

Arie slot side i needed luck Mats Wiefer’s shot clipped a defender’s heel midway through, thus forcing a breakthrough.

Igor Paixian tapped in second after Santiago Jimenez’s shot bounced off the post, then Rotterdam took full control and a superior Jimenez scored the fifth just after the hour mark. Julen Lobete withdrew his RKC consolation.

PSV Also won by 4 pointsbut made very tough weather to overcome relegation-threatened Excelsior despite passing Luke de Jong in the 12th minute.

In the 78th minute, Xabi Simmons scored the second goal. Simmons had a great moment of the game when Fabio Silva matched a shot from the outside right foot.

Ajax Get rid of Fortuna Sittard To maintain the point difference with PSV in second place. Steven Berghaus scored twice in the first half and Steven Bergwein scored a third just after half-time before Kenneth Taylor scored five minutes before the end.

Sparta wins at Alkmaar

AZ’s fading hopes for the title challenge Sparta win 1-0 in AlkmaarJust before the end of the first half, Koki Saito passed marker Sam Beukema on the left and Tobias Lauritzen headed in from close range.

Cambur then looks increasingly doomed Lost 4-0 to FC Twenteincluding their first goal in almost a year to attack midfielder Michel Vrap, down to three by halftime.

Groningen is their Six consecutive home defeats to Utrecht Utrecht defender Ramon Hendricks, who arrived on loan from Feyenoord, suffered a knee injury just a month after returning from a cruciate ligament injury. It looked like he was suffering from a sprain.

Vitesse Arnhem pulled away from the drop zone Goals from Maximilian Wittek and Mohamed Santeau were enough to see off the Go Ahead Eagles as they secured their first victory in nine games.

Emmen were the only team in the bottom five to score points 0-0 draw against NECin the meantime Volendam is still in danger After going down to a double strike by inform striker Sidney van Hooydonk at Heerenveen.



Groningen 1-2 Utrecht.


AZ 0-1 Sparta Rotterdam

Heerenveen 2-1 Volendam

PSV 4-0 Excelsior

Vitesse Arnhem 2-0 Go Ahead Eagles


Ajax 4-0 Fortuna Sittard

Emmen 0-0 NEC Nijmegen

Feyenoord 5-1 RKC Wahlwijk

Twente Enschede 4-0 Camburg Leeuwarden.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/04/feyenoord-march-on-as-top-three-notch-up-four-goal-wins-az-falter/ Top 3 win with 4 goals for Feyenoord, AZ struggle

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