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Toxic gas in cannabis nursery sends 2 men and 3 Amsterdam cops to hospital

Two men fell ill on Thursday night at a garage on Pieter Calandlaan in Amsterdam Nieuw-West, initially suspected to be a drug lab but later identified as a cannabis nursery, AT5 reported on Friday. Three police officers were taken to the hospital as a precaution due to toxic gasses in the air.

On Thursday, around 5:50 pm, the police received a report about two men who had become unwell in a building on Pieter Calandlaan in Amsterdam Nieuw-West. Upon arrival, they found two individuals who were unresponsive. Due to witnesses reporting vaporous odors, the fire department was also alerted.

The two men were taken to the hospital for treatment. The police cordoned off part of the street and a housing block for investigation. “Initially, a drug lab was suspected, but soon after, a cannabis nursery was discovered in the basement storage unit,” the Amsterdam police stated on Friday.

It is suspected that high levels of carbon monoxide from the cannabis nursery may have caused the men’s illness. Three police officers were sent to the hospital for precautionary check-ups after potentially inhaling the toxic fumes. They were able to return home after being checked.

The process of dismantling the nursery was delayed until Friday because of the lingering gasses, which posed safety concerns. The site was under surveillance overnight, and the cannabis plants will be destroyed, the police stated.

Due to safety concerns, eight homes were evacuated on Thursday. On Friday evening, the police announced that the residents could return to their homes.


https://nltimes.nl/2023/08/11/toxic-gas-cannabis-nursery-sends-2-men-3-amsterdam-cops-hospital Toxic gas in cannabis nursery sends 2 men and 3 Amsterdam cops to hospital

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