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Traffic jams on Dutch roads are in full swing this year

Traffic jams on Dutch roads have returned “totally” this year. This was reported by ANWB Traffic Information, based on traffic congestion figures for the first quarter of the year. Traffic officials say there are more stalls than before the pandemic. Traffic congestion increased by 10% compared to the first quarter of 2019.

“This has to do with the fact that we are slowly moving back into the office, but at the same time we know that working from home is still happening,” explains ANWB’s Arnoud Broekhuis. He also said the fleet has grown by 470,000 units since 2019 and “this is literally leaving its mark on the road.”

Broekhuis claims there are currently about 8.9 million passenger cars in the Netherlands, according to the Dutch Statistics Office. “If you add truck traffic, obviously this will affect the flow of traffic, especially if they are on the road at the same time.”

Noord-Holland has seen a 20% increase in traffic congestion density over the past three months compared to 2019. Traffic congestion density is the number of minutes of traffic congestion multiplied by the number of kilometers. In addition, snow and rain on the mornings of Tuesday, March 7 and 14, caused rush hour with record-length traffic jams of 1,093 km and he 1,102 km.

In general, Tuesdays and Thursdays remain the busiest days on the road. Combined with the bad weather, Tuesday morning rush hour traffic increased by nearly 50% in the first quarter, and on Thursday he increased by more than 20%. However, Monday and Friday mornings were a little quieter than before.

Broekhuis says there is no indication that the roads will be less congested. “Even in the middle of the day, there are already lines,” he said.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/04/02/traffic-jams-dutch-roads-returned-full-force-year Traffic jams on Dutch roads are in full swing this year

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