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Trains in Rotterdam halted on Sunday after damaged overhead lines

Rail traffic around Rotterdam Central Station is currently suspended due to severe damage to overhead lines. Prorail, the group responsible for rail infrastructure, said it hoped to repair the damage on Sunday.

A Prorail spokesperson said, “Normally, on the route to Breda, Delft and Den Haag, there are two intercity trains and one local train every hour,” adding that this is an hourly train in both directions. He said it was reduced to one train with all stops. The overhead lines were broken and it was due to work already planned,” she said.

The exact cause of the damage is unknown, but a spokesperson said it was likely that the overhead wire was damaged by a train. “We hope to be able to repair it today. Damage has been documented and there is extensive damage to the overhead lines. We are developing an action plan for repairs,” the spokesperson said.

A spokeswoman said ongoing work near the site further complicated the repair of the damage. There is already a significant amount of work underway in this area, so the addition of this new problem makes it even more difficult to see what can be done. “It’s hard to figure out who can do what when,” they explained.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/05/21/rotterdam-train-traffic-disrupted-broken-overhead-lines-sunday Trains in Rotterdam halted on Sunday after damaged overhead lines

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