Trending Moissanite Engagement Rings Settings 

Engagement rings must be thought through before buying them. Therefore, you should take time to pick moissanite rings that suit you from the trending options. You can make this special moment count if you pick the ideal engagement ring. There will be many options to choose from in the market. However, make sure that you are not left in confusion wondering what to pick.

You can easily find yourself in a cycle of decisions if you do not research well. A key consideration to look at is the engagement ring setting. You will need to know this feature of a ring before choosing what to buy. Anything else becomes a lot easier once you have identified your ring setting.

Moissanite Engagement Ring Setting Trends 

A ring setting is the mounting of your ring. Usually, it is the metal band where your moissanite gem is mounted. The options are many based on shades, metal types and bandwidths. The ring setting helps in displaying the general beauty of your moissanite. Take a look at these trending moissanite engagement ring settings:

  1. The Prong Moissanite Setting

Top among the most popular and classic engagement ring settings is the prong setting. Also known as the solitaire setting, the ring mounting aims at the centre moissanite stone for a simple yet elegant look.

The prong setting is perfect for those in need of simple rings rather than sophisticated options. Most importantly, it would make a good choice for someone you do not know well. Whether going out for casual outings or festive occasions, the prong setting will be a perfect choice.

  1. The Tiffany Moissanite Ring Setting

This moissanite ring setting is a six-prong setting with a brilliant round cut upscaling the moissanite over the metal band. The arrangement is meant to emphasise the brilliance of the moissanite on your ring. Therefore, it is a setting with more moissanite and less metal.

The Tiffany setting is built upon the bezel setting that was used to optimise the light return on the gemstone. For that reason, it is one of the leading trends in the world of moissanite engagement ring settings.

  1. Pave Moissanite Engagement Ring Setting

 The pave moissanite engagement ring setting features tiny moissanite gems mounted on the metal band. The arrangement is done in such a way as to produce a paved look. These small moissanite stones show the shine and brilliance of the centre stone in your engagement ring.

Most people like the pave mounting because it complements and provides an illusion of larger centre moissanite and tiny moissanite gems holding together to depict a beautiful and unique appeal. Therefore, it is special in its own design for those interested in such a kind of setting.

  1. Three Stone Moissanite Ring Setting 

The three Stone Moissanite Ring setting is yet another trendy option in the market. They are a top choice among brides even with the growing demands in the industry. You can either pick the same gems or focus on having a large centre stone and two smaller gems.

The three stone moissanite ring setting is a perfect engagement ring. It is recommended for a modern, stylish and pocket-friendly option for your special day. Therefore, it is a choice to pick if you want to go with the latest ring fashion.

  1. Cathedral Moissanite Engagement Ring Settings

Ring settings continue to evolve over the years. The latest designs have cathedral settings in moissanite engagement rings. Its popularity is close to that of pave mounting and the prong setting.


The cathedral ring constitutes a single centre gem with a metal band comparable to that of a solitaire ring. In this setting, the centre stone is placed above the ring with a bezel or prong setting using the metal arches connected to the shank. This ring setting has both a modern and vintage feel and appeal.

Final Thoughts 

Increasing engagement ring trends can be confusing and leave you in a position of not knowing what to pick. Although you are excited about your special day, making the right choice of your moissanite rings becomes a challenge with the many options at your disposal. To settle for a good choice, look at the setting for the available options. Use these latest trends in engagement rings to pick what you need.

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