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Trends in online gambling that will mark 2022

According to the information from the reputable website Statista, the current market size in online gambling is around 59 billion USD. The expected forecast is that next year this amount will even double to a whopping 92.9 billion USD.

Many factors contributed to this perfect storm – pandemic and the declining popularity of traditional casinos, the rise of eSports betting, and various technological advancements that changed the direction of gambling we knew. Now we are witnessing the creation of something new and exciting and we can’t help but keep on guessing what will come next.

2022 will bring a lot of new trends that will most likely stay. Let’s see what will be hot this year!

Cryptocurrencies and increased safety levels

Of course, safety comes first. If you want to enjoy a great online game, you need to be sure that at all times your identity is protected, just as well your funds. 

That is why cryptocurrencies became really popular in the world of gambling, keeping everything protected is of the utmost importance. You can enjoy the game, place deposits easy without compromising your identity

When choosing a casino, to get the top-tier experience is to do your homework first. With so many choices around, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with the details and scammers are lurking in every corner. Your ideal online casino provider needs to be licensed by reputable regulatory organizations, needs to have great customer service and different payment options to offer.

Casinos like NeonVegas have an easy interface and all the important details in one place, without vague answers about payment methods, licensing, and games available.

Bonuses will be even more generous

With the massive popularity of online gambling, the competition also becomes harsh even for the big market players. Therefore, generous bonuses are now becoming a culture. Many casinos are trying to stand out from their competitors with various bonuses. It is a daunting task to attract new members while retaining loyal customers when the competitors are making the job even harder.

One of the most popular strategies for attracting new customers is offering no deposit bonuses. Many review websites are creating posts about detailed comparisons of the best bonuses out there so customers who follow them can avoid online providers who don’t offer attractive bonuses. 

Live dealers for more ‘’human’’ experience

We already mentioned that the main goal of online casinos is to replace traditional brick-and-mortar casinos. With the pandemic, people stopped visiting traditional casinos and they face major losses because of that.

With technology, online casinos are removing the boundaries, giving us new opportunities to actually socialize. Most top-tier websites added an option for live dealers. You now have an opportunity to play at the real table with a real dealer, no matter where you are.

It is just a question of time before the online casino experience becomes even more realistic thanks to the technologies like augmented reality or virtual reality. 

Major entertainment companies are entering the market

Big entertainment companies such as Netflix, Disney and Amazon recognized a huge opportunity in online casinos and betting websites. Netflix already ordered some games based on some of their most popular series. 

Disney became widely interested in eSports betting deals while for Amazon that would be the next logical step since they decided to start offering live football streams.

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