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Turkish authorities arrest 23 Dutch organized crime fugitive ‘Bolle Jos’

Turkish authorities have arrested 23 people in five provinces, including Ankara and Istanbul, as part of a massive anti-drug campaign.According to Turkish newspaper Millietthe suspect is related to Dutch organized crime fugitive Jos Leideckersalso known as “Bol Jos”.

The suspects are suspected of belonging to an international criminal organization that deals in cocaine and launders money in several European countries, most notably the Netherlands. Turkey’s interior ministry reports that the arrests were preceded by an investigation that lasted more than two years.

In addition to the arrests, Turkish police seized more than 100 million Turkish lira (about €4 million) in cash and jewelry.

A source told the Dutch newspaper. advertisement One of the suspects is said to be Abdullah Alp U, a key business partner and brother-in-law of Bolle Jos.

A spokesman for the Dutch public prosecutor’s office (OM) declined to comment. NOS About arrests in Türkiye. “Of course, they know we are looking hard for him. He is internationally registered and we have offered a reward. We can’t say anything,” a spokesperson told the station.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/06/14/turkish-authorities-arrest-23-linked-dutch-organized-crime-fugitive-bolle-jos Turkish authorities arrest 23 Dutch organized crime fugitive ‘Bolle Jos’

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