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Turning stale bread into clean energy in Groningen – Northern Times

The Animal Party (PvdD) faction in Groningen city council is calling for anaerobic digesters to be installed throughout the city to divert waste from landfills by turning food waste into clean energy. According to PvdD, the city needs to do more to increase biogas production and process more organic waste to generate electricity and energy for the community. Biogas from stale bread and other food waste is a good step to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, factions say.
Additionally, transforming food waste is better for animals and the environment.

“Bread digestives have many benefits,” said council member Janet Bosma. quoted By OOG TV as it says. “By processing food that is currently wasted, we are contributing to a circular economy. One kilogram of stale bread produces over 400 liters of biogas that can be used at home.”

Many cities, such as Amersfoort, already have bread digesters in operation. He is one of the city’s community centers, and all cooking is done with biogas obtained from stale bread. Because anaerobic digestion systems convert organic matter such as food waste into biogas (a mixture of primarily carbon dioxide and methane), the technology is suitable for a variety of applications in the energy sector, potentially producing bio-products and Also suitable for the bioprocess sector. The pan digester converts the waste into enough biogas to meet the needs of eight households.

In addition to installing biodigesters, PvdD is calling for measures to stop food waste. One of the measures proposed by far-left parties is to ban feeding stale bread to ducks and geese.

https://northerntimes.nl/making-the-most-of-food-scraps-stale-bread-to-be-transformed-into-clean-energy-in-groningen/ Turning stale bread into clean energy in Groningen – Northern Times

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