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Two arrested for projecting racist text on Erasmus Bridge

Text on the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam. Photo: Tobias Kleuver ANP

Police have arrested two men suspected of being involved in projecting racist statements. Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam During New Year’s festivities.

Texts such as “White Lives Matter” and “We must secure our people’s existence and the future of our white children” were projected onto the bridge as midnight rang out. This sentence was first used in the last century by a group of white supremacists in the United States and is known as the “14 Words”.

Daniel S, 34, from Landgraaf, may have done something similar in Eindhoven this week, police said. Another, his 24-year-old John A from Zweindrecht, may have been involved in the projection of the Alkmaar building last month.

It is not clear whether they are also suspected in text projections on Earth. Anne Frank House in Amsterdam earlier this month.

S is also wanted in Breda as a suspect in an attack on an Amsterdam man after he had put up stickers in an inner-city area with racist text.

The police investigation centered on online research and the origin of the projector used in the Rotterdam case. Both men’s homes were searched, and police found crossbows and 3D-printed gun parts.

Police have not ruled out further arrests.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/02/two-arrested-for-projecting-racist-texts-on-erasmus-bridge/ Two arrested for projecting racist text on Erasmus Bridge

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