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Two missing in Wadden Sea after ferry and water taxi collide

A 12-year-old boy and an adult man are still missing after last Friday’s boating accident in the Wadden Sea. Their identities have so far not been revealed by authorities. Police speculate they are no longer alive, AD report.

Depending on the current, missing passengers may be found far from Terschelling. Rescue company KNRM, volunteer organization Search and Rescue Netherlands (SAR) and police authorities began their operations on Friday afternoon.

Searches are mainly focused at low tide, as bodies may surface on sandbars near the crash site. Rescue teams use boats and quads to scan beaches and oceans, supported by drones and police helicopters. Rescue teams can only operate when the sun rises and the tide ebbs, limiting the search time window to several days.

KNRM spokesperson Kees Brinkman said, “The area we’re scanning is large and the corpses could be below sea level, so we need to work near water.” “You can’t predict where people will be found. It depends on the direction of the tide and wind,” Brinkman added, explaining that currents could carry them far if they surfaced from below. The community feels involved in the rescue effort and wants to support our efforts, but it’s not easy, our rescue team is doing their best,” said Brinkmann. Told. Police asked anyone who saw or found anything to call immediately.


The accident occurred at 07:12 on Friday 21 October in the Schuitengat, a body of water between Terschelling and Vlieland, about 4 kilometers southwest of West Terschelling. This included a ferryboat named Tiger (carrying his 27 passengers including crew) and a water taxi named Stormroper (8 passengers).

The cause of the clash is under investigation by the police. It has been confirmed that both ships may have been too fast at Schuitengat, where she had a top speed of 10 knots (20 km/h).

All of the water taxi passengers were linked to Friso, a Sneek-based construction company renovating homes in Terschelling. They cross by water taxi every day. After the collision he killed two people. A 46-year-old man from Sexbierum and a 57-year-old man from Leeuwarden.

The Storm Roper water taxi was recovered from the sea on Friday evening. According to Omrop Fryslând, the two ships are now on the shores of Harlingen.National Unit Spokesperson Denis Janus Said It could take months to establish whether there was guilt or not and to reveal what exactly happened in the accident.

In 2021 there will be 148 marine accidents in the Netherlands. According to the latest data, it has decreased compared to 2020 (175). report By Rijkswaterstaat, the executive agency of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. The North Sea recorded one ‘very serious’ and 10 ‘serious’ maritime accidents with no fatalities.

https://northerntimes.nl/terschelling-collision-people-missing/ Two missing in Wadden Sea after ferry and water taxi collide

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