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Two schools win the 2023 Rotterdam Architecture Prize

of Rotterdam Architecture Award I went to two schools this year. The hospital-repurposed Zuider Gymnasium won the Professional Jury Award. And the general prize went to the Fridtjof Nansen School. “The winning project proves that Rotterdam is focused on the future and generations to come.”

The jury was impressed with how hard the activists and the municipality were working to stop the planned demolition of the Seider hospital and turn it into a school. “With the establishment of a school in the gatehouse of the former Zuider Hospital, this monumental complex faces a new future,” the jury said. that is, Zuida Gymnasiumthe architects of Molenaar & Co, is a “learning environment where the history of the community is tangible and tangible,” one that “inspires connection and optimism for the future.”

The Seider Gymnasium took second place in the Audience Award, with many voters appreciating how this historic building offers space for the future. “This project brings what Zuid so desperately needs: quality, future and an appreciation for what already exists,” said one voter.

the people chose Fridtjof Nansen School Audience Award Winner by BDG Architecten. According to voters, the school contributes to increased energy and nature awareness with a natural playground around the school and solar panels visible from within to visualize energy production.

One voter wrote, “The school has succeeded in creating a space where children can engage, discover, play and work together with nature beyond language and mathematics.” “It is very important to get children involved in climate change from an early age.”

Praised by the jury and the audience Geteidenpark Eiland of Breener Old. The judges praised the tide park as an “ancient lifeline and ecosystem in the middle of the city” that locals can now experience and enjoy, giving it an honorable mention. The project placed him third in the general award, and voters rated the project as “an important first step in the development of a new relationship between cities and rivers.”

Awarded by the judges as an excellent work hudson family, a housing project in the district of Bospolder Tussendeiken. The project was praised for adding a necessary and valuable new layer of time to the 19th century district.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/06/08/two-schools-win-rotterdam-architecture-prize-2023 Two schools win the 2023 Rotterdam Architecture Prize

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