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Uit je Dak: Stargazing, music and performances on famous roofs in The Hague

In October you can experience special things on famous roofs in The Hague, such as stargazing  with a string quartet on the roof of the Bijenkorf, a ‘silent music landscape’  at  altitude  at  the PAARD, on top of De Helena drinks after a delicious dinner, a violin concert on top of World Forum The Hague, a reading afternoon on the roof of  Dakota and a roof excursion at Museon-Omniversum.

From October 3 to 22 you can literally go on the roof. With “Uit je Dak”, the The Hague gemeente is  drawing  attention to the value of roofs, for example to generate energy, create extra space or green and cool a building. In total, the roofs of The Hague have an area of about 17 square kilometres and that offers plenty of opportunities. With an extensive program, the gemeente  wants to inform residents, companies and organizations and help them get started on the roof.

“Uit je Dak” makes it possible to discover the city in a special way. You can also find out everything about smart roof use, for example during a roof market or a conversation with an energy coach. There is a broad program in various locations  in the city, for both private individuals and professionals. For the full program, visit www.uitjedak.nl.

In the first week, the activities take place at unique locations in the city centre, such as the Bijenkorf and PAARD.

In the second, a Roof Pavilion will be built in the southwest of the city,  and there will be  performances and a reading afternoons on the roof of Dakota, a LEGO workshop and a bicycle tour along some roofs in  the Binckhorst.

The third week coincides with the autumn holidays and  the Museon-Omniversum takes centre stage, where there are not activities  not only  in  the museum, but also on the museum.


Photo: Sander Foederer

https://www.thehagueonline.com/news/2023/10/05/uit-je-dak-stargazing-music-and-performances-on-famous-roofs-in-the-hague Uit je Dak: Stargazing, music and performances on famous roofs in The Hague

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