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Ukrainian refugees can stay until March 2024

Refugees from Ukraine are entitled to shelter, medical assistance and education for minor children in the Netherlands until March 2024. They are also allowed to work. These agreements, which he originally applied until March 4, 2023, have been extended for a year, Secretary of State Eric van der Berg (Exile Policy) announced.

The decision was made by the European Union’s Minister of Justice. If safe return to Ukraine is possible, the so-called Temporary Protection Order (RTB) can be withdrawn early. The council may extend the measures beyond March 2024 if the situation in Ukraine remains unchanged or worsens.

Van der Burg supports extensions. “There is still no end in sight for the war, so there is still a need to take refugees from Ukraine in and provide them with a safe haven.” He added that it was also important to provide clarity to refugees and other stakeholders.

More than 7 million Ukrainians have fled to European countries since the war broke out in late February. In the Netherlands, more than 80,000 Ukrainian refugees are currently registered in the Personal Records Database (BRP), van der Berg reported to his Tweede Kamer. 750 Ukrainians visit Holland every week. Over 61,000 Ukrainian refugees are in emergency shelters and 150 are in critical emergency shelters. Currently, the availability of emergency shelters is 96% for him.

The Cabinet is currently working on a long-term policy on the acceptance of Ukrainians. The Cabinet believes that it is important for Ukrainians to be able to master the language so that they can participate in society. We are exploring the possibility of voluntary integration.

https://nltimes.nl/2022/10/15/ukrainian-refugees-can-stay-march-2024 Ukrainian refugees can stay until March 2024

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