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University of Groningen eventually appoints professor of Frisian

The main building of the University of Groningen. Photo: Depositphotos.com

The University of Groningen has appointed a professor of Frisian language and culture following a storm of protests over last year’s post abolition.

When the last professor retired, the universitydecided to hire a senior lecturer for the post, in violation of state funding agreements governing professorships. The university said it was unable to find a suitable candidate for the job at the time.

This claim was challenged by Arjen Dijkstra, director of Tresoar, the historic center of Frisia, among others. Dijkstra said at the time that “there are at least ten suitable candidates for professorships in the field of Frisian studies.”

About 70 writers, scientists and administrators have written a letter of protest to the university, where Interior Minister Hanke Bruins Sloth said he was concerned about the protection of the Frisian language, the second official language of the Netherlands. rice field.

About 60% of Frisians speak Frisian and a quarter of newcomers to the province learn Frisian.

Arjen Versloot, who is also Professor of German Literature at the University of Amsterdam, has been in the position for five years now and will work two days a week in the state.

“This will give us time to find a full-time Frisian professor, while at the same time ensuring continued study of Frisian at the university level. RTV North.

The province of Groningen, which provides grants for professorships, said it was happy with the new appointment. “We have once again welcomed a talented professor to the University of Groningen,” said Sietske Poeges.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/02/groningen-university-appoints-a-professor-of-frisian-after-all/ University of Groningen eventually appoints professor of Frisian

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