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Utrecht students asked to sign code of conduct before introduction week

Students participating in the Utrecht Introduction Time (UIT) must agree to a code of conduct stating that everyone should treat each other with respect. “If someone does not comply with this, access to events can be denied,” a spokesperson for the UIT confirmed after reports in De Telegraaf.

The code of conduct must prevent transgressive behavior. “So, it’s about bullying, making nasty comments, and also sexually transgressive behavior,” explained the spokesperson. Both the first-years participating in the UIT and the volunteers must agree to the rules when they register for the introduction week that starts on Monday.

The UIT’s organization decided to draw up the code of conduct because social safety has often been in the news in the past year. “We don’t want students to misbehave at our events,” said the spokesperson. In previous years, the UIT could also deny students access to events due to transgressive behavior. “But now it has been recorded.”

During the UIT, students can also go to a counselor if something bad happens. In previous years, this was someone from within the college or university. This year, there is an external confidential advisor for the first time. “We hope that people will also feel safer to talk tot he confidential advisor. Now they know for sure that their story will not end up within the organization,” said the spokesperson.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/08/11/utrecht-students-asked-sign-code-conduct-introduction-week Utrecht students asked to sign code of conduct before introduction week

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