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Vacancies – Administrative and Consular Officers | News Articles

News | Oct 11, 2022 | 08:52

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Hanoi is recruiting Administrative and Consular Officers (40 hours per week, job level: 6)

A. General information

Administrative and consular duties in missions are in the field of administrative and consular affairs (duty level: 6 with monthly salaries ranging from US$1,333 to US$2,000). General affairs is mainly related to office management, human resources, and cash box management. Honesty, transparency and accountability are key.

Consular Services consists of service-oriented consular assistance to nationals of the Netherlands and Vietnam, processing passport, visa and legalization applications. Consular affairs also includes back-office office tasks related to various consular services.

Officers are accountable to the Operations Manager/Consular for the accuracy and quality of the information provided and for the correct application and enforcement of applicable laws, procedures and instructions. Complying with relevant laws, directives and guidelines is important for proper performance.

Officers work independently within generally formulated mandates and reach set goals and results based on their own arrangements, preparations, personal actions, and use of their own judgment. increase. Officers can independently adapt their approach, execution, and work progress to changing priorities.

The application deadline is December 15, 2022. Please send your motivation letter and resume to the embassy.
To: Michelle Matzrewitz
Head of Operations Management and Consular Affairs
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews.

B.1 Results Area and Results
1. Consular Services (about 70%)

  • Front office tasks: processing visa and Dutch passport applications.
  • Consular assistance to Dutch citizens (mainly tourists).
  • Back Office: Process visa stickers (short stay and long stay).
  • Email inbox and phone handling for consular services.
  • Assist with other consular/visa matters and act as deputy in the absence of senior consular officers.

2. Admin support (about 30%)

  • HR related matters such as payroll management (payroll calculation), medical insurance, and social security. leave and sickness registration;
  • Housing matters (foreign residents) and oversight of maintenance of residences and the Prime Minister’s residence. Get in touch with the building manager.
  • Providing IT support.
  • Processing of general affairs email inboxes;
  • Actively inform management about changes in Vietnamese law.
  • Support other financial and administrative matters (translations, etc.) as needed or in the absence of senior management/treasurers.

B.2 Framework

  • The Administrative/Consular Officer is accountable to the Operations Manager/Consular Officer for the progress and quality of their work.
  • Legislation, rules and regulations regarding legal status, and ministries or other administrative regulations and guidelines in the administrative and consular field are important to the work of officers.

B.3 Contact

  • Proposal management/line management proposing possible solutions, providing advice, and handling issues related to planning and completing work.
  • Cooperate with local governments and other stakeholders, including assisting them in interpreting relevant procedures and laws.
  • Relevant Dutch authorities (including Finance Office, Consular Affairs and Visa Policy Office, Immigration and Naturalization Service/Ministry of Security and Justice, Dutch Border Police)
  • Collaborate with third parties (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) or individuals to coordinate operations and resolve issues in carrying out consular and administrative duties with an appropriate balance of responsibilities.

B.4 Knowledge and skill requirements

  • Knowledge of applicable Dutch and Vietnamese laws, internal control procedures, work instructions, and organizational duties, structures, and working methods (learned on the job).
  • Knowledge of the general principles of immigration and consular policy (learned on the job);
  • Skills in creating and storing digital files in an organized manner.
  • Knowledge of relevant hardware and specific software.
  • Skills in solving minor technical and other problems.
  • Skills to create and monitor schedules, rosters, etc.

B.5 Capabilities

  • Initiative: Take the initiative and look for opportunities and possibilities instead of waiting to be asked. Come up with your own ideas and solutions.
  • Focus on results: Develop concrete goals, translate goals into concrete actions, prioritize achieving desired results, and deliver agreed results at agreed times.
  • Proactively addressing the support needs of colleagues within the regulatory framework and responsibilities to ensure an excellent base level of service.
  • Ability to plan and organize set goals and priorities based on the resulting task list.
  • Ability to Collaborate with Others: Consult, inform, and share information with others to help your colleagues achieve results beyond your immediate scope of work to increase team efficiency We support. Open-minded and sociable.
  • Commitment to quality: We work accurately, timely and accurately to provide high quality output to our customers and our CSO/FSO (Dutch back office).
  • Integrity: Uphold high legal, social and ethical standards in your work and demonstrate sensitivity and an awareness of responsibility in your work. act in accordance with the interests of the Ministry;
  • Flexibility: I have the ability to adapt my approach and understand that different situations require different solutions.

B.6 Education Level/Additional Training and Knowledge

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Relevant experience and knowledge is required (facility or office management/legal/information technology, etc.).
  • Fluent in English and Vietnamese.
  • Advanced MS Office, IT Skills
  • Being able to understand Dutch is an advantage.

C. Work environment
The Administrative and Consular Affairs team consists of two Senior Administrative/Consular Officers, an Administrative/Consular Officer (this vacancy), a Driver, and a Facilities Officer, working closely with the Administrative Assistant. The operations manager leads the administrative/consular team. The Embassy works closely with the Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City and the Central Secretariat in The Hague.

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is located in the Hoan Kiem district of Hanoi. The embassy has 12 locally hired staff and his 7 foreign staff.

D. Staff member profile
Administrators and Consuls are open-minded, responsive team players, flexible, conscientious, and quality-oriented. He or she is well organized and prefers to work independently. Board members should be open-minded to different cultures and be open to diversity, equity and inclusion.

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