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Vacancy: Administrative Assistant | News Article

News | 29-01-2023 | 13:24

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Jordan is looking for a part-time Administrative Assistant. The selected candidate will work two days a week and these days are fixed (every Wednesday and Thursday). She/he will share roles with a current administrative assistant who works part-time (every Sunday to Tuesday).

Administrative assistants play an important role in embassies. He/she should be flexible, proactive, responsible yet multi-tasker and a team player.

Application deadline: Sunday, February 12, 2023.

Please send your resume and cover letter amm-recruiting@minbuza.nl

A | Basic information


job title administrative assistant
Mission Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN), Amman, Jordan
job level scale 7
hours/week 15 hours

A2. Introduction

Administrative assistants provide organizational, secretarial, and administrative support to embassy administrators and/or staff.

  • Provides secretarial support to management and assists other staff members with ad hoc requests from management
  • Provide or coordinate secretarial/administrative support
  • Has considerable seniority and can work mostly independently
  • Act as a link between the internal organization and the external environment, making connections, assessing interests and weighing results
  • Reconcile complex information from various sources
  • Contribution to compilation of management information
  • Communicate to harmonize processes and procedures

Mission secretarial and administrative support activities are organized in a secretarial management pool led by an operations manager. Employees provide services and receive work orders from ambassadors, deputy mission officers, and operations managers.

B | Tasks and Results area

B1. Task description

  • Coordinates and conducts secretarial/administrative duties and prioritizes specific tasks (including managing emails and agendas for Ambassadors and Deputy Mission Officers, incoming and outgoing communications, AMM-CDP inbox management) .
  • telephone communication
  • respond to or coordinate responses to a wide variety of questions, requests or calls;
  • Reconcile complex information from various sources
  • Hosting events including King’s Day, official visits and coordinating missions
  • Drafting (formal) notes on various matters according to the necessary instructions
  • Maintain an up-to-date database containing embassy contact information
  • Serves as a link or point of contact with internal organizations and external environments
  • Prioritize, assess urgency, establish connections, weigh the results of taking actions, monitor task progress and completion, identify issues, and send reminders
  • Provides general information about content and procedures, as well as administrative and organizational processes.
  • Be part of the core team of the Sharepoint and Sophia archive systems and be the first point of contact for questions from embassy officials
  • Drafting reports, taking minutes of general staff meetings, elaborating, producing and taking care of documents Communicate, follow general instructions
  • Provide general administrative, logistical and organizational support to management or other staff as requested by management
  • Greets and speaks to visitors and plays an important role in relation to appointments, reception of guests and visitors, internal and external meetings
  • Create and update working files
  • Create an overview of management and other staff as directed

B2. Results Area

  • Internal Secretariat/Administrative Procedures and Regulations
  • Evaluation based on the quality of secretarial/organization/office support work
  • How the duties are carried out is largely up to the direction of the Ambassador, Mission Deputy, or Operations Manager, or to the Administrative Assistant.

sea ​​| contact

  • Act as a point of contact/link to make administrative and process arrangements and coordinate work on the provision of services
  • Maintain internal and external contacts for performing and facilitating tasks, providing clarification and support, and exchanging information.

D | Position Requirements

D1. Knowledge and skill requirements

  • 5+ years of experience in a similar role.
  • Fluency and perfection in spoken and written Arabic, and the ability to vary the level of the language depending on who you speak to
  • Fluent and near-perfect in spoken and written English, able to adjust language level to the speaking partner involved
  • Dutch language proficiency is considered an added value
  • In-depth knowledge of Jordanian society, culture and approaches
  • Skills in Windows-driven MS Office programs such as Word, Excel, Outlook
  • Knowledge of management support methods, secretarial duties, general secretaries, clerical procedures, and regulations
  • General knowledge and understanding of current (relevant) policy areas and processes
  • Knowledge of standard documentation and archiving techniques
  • understanding of civil servants and political concerns and sensitivities, key processes, and administrative, organizational and functional relationships;
  • Skilled in acting as a link to third parties (external and external relations) at senior political and public service levels
  • Skilled in collecting and interpreting data and compiling management information
  • Skilled in secretarial/administrative duties, coordinating complex information flows and processes from various sources, considering outcomes, interests, priorities, etc.
  • communication skills

D2. Ability

  • Planning and operation
  • Initiative
  • Customer/Stakeholder Orientation
  • Cooperation
  • Focus on results
  • Accuracy
  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Flexibility
  • Initiative

D3. Level of education and training

  • Fluent and perfect Arabic and English
  • middle vocational level
  • Secretary support training
  • Experienced in secretarial work

E | Work environment

The Dutch Embassy is located in Abdoun Al Shamari. There are about 40 staff members of his team, including the attaché, the (regional) policy officer, and support his staff. The team consists of the following teams: Economic Resilience, Education, Politics and General/Consular. The embassy atmosphere is informal. We work closely together as a team and each takes full responsibility for our work. The missions of embassies in different policy areas are considered joint responsibilities. Management strives for a professional work environment with high ethical and collegial standards. Languages ​​spoken are English, Dutch and Arabic.

Administrative assistants are part of the administrative team.

How to apply

If you are interested in applying for this position, please send your cover letter and resume to: AMM-recruiting@minbuza.nl.

Deadline: Sunday, February 12, 2023 at 23:59 (Jordan time).

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