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Vacancy: Consular/Administrative Officer | News Article

News Article | Apr 6, 2023 | 09:49

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Amman, Jordan is looking for a Consular/Administrative Officer with 3-5 years relevant experience.

be interested? Please send your resume and cover letter by Monday, June 12th (Applications missing either a resume or cover letter will not be considered). Please note that only finalists will receive a reply. Details on how to submit your application are provided below.

A | Basic information


job title Consular and General Affairs Officer
service component/post Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN), Amman, Jordan
job level 06
Number of hours worked per week 37.5

A2) Introduction

The Consular/Administrative Officer is primarily responsible for providing consular services handled by consular affairs (primarily front office operations) and for providing (logistical support) in the General Affairs Department.

In the area of ​​consular affairs, consular duties mainly consist of conducting front office activities related to consular services (telephone, visa and passport applications, legalization, interviews, consular statements, consular mailboxes). Officers are responsible to the Operations Manager for the accuracy of the information provided and for the correct application and implementation of laws, procedures and instructions in force. Relevant laws, directives and guidelines are important to the proper performance of our duties.

The officer receives and verifies the visa application, registers the application in the system and submits it to the Dutch administration. Visa stickers are printed daily. Communication with external providers (VFS) regarding passport applications and timeslots is ongoing. In addition, passport applications, requests for legalization of documents, and consular statements are accepted and processed according to regulations.

The General Affairs responsibilities are primarily for internal administrative matters, (regional) staff and expatriates, and logistical support for visitors and delegations (hotel reservations, transportation), reception of visitors to the embassy, ​​and financial ( (including consular expenses remittances and consular administration). Consular safe).

The officer submits the remittance of the consular bill after it has been processed in the electronic payment system and initialized (confirmation of contract fulfillment) by the Deputy Operations Manager.

B | Duties and Responsibilities

B1) Task

B1.1) Comprehensive support in the areas of internal administration, accommodation and financial management

  • Reviewing and following up on fellowship applications – advising applicants and maintaining relationships with relevant organizations – guidelines will be provided by Embassy administrators.
  • All switchboard operations in line with telephone policy, incoming and outgoing – senior consular backup for telephone communications.
  • Management of the main switching system.
  • Monitor your AMM inbox for visits and meetings at the Prime Minister’s Office.
  • (Region) Act as Under Secretary for Hotel and Airline Reservations as part of logistical support for Embassy staff, Embassy staff and visitors, and maintain contact with hotels and airlines.

B1.2) consular services

  • processing and processing visa applications;
  • Manage Tableau to generate visa statistics and share with other EU member states.
  • We carry out an initial assessment of your application for travel documents, visas and temporary residence permits to comply with legal requirements and ensure that the supporting documentation is complete and correct.
  • Conduct an initial legalization assessment – interview the client regarding the legalization assessment of the document.
  • Provide biographical and other consular information, guidelines and advice (oral and written) on regulations, laws, policies and other measures to expatriates and local staff.
  • Processing and drafting consular statements for Dutch citizens.
  • Review the documents accompanying the application and submit the complete application to the back office.
  • Evaluate the importance and urgency of any communication received in your AMM-CA inbox and, on your own initiative and discretion, add any information necessary to address it.
  • Preserve consular records by creating, organizing, storing and maintaining physical files and documents.
  • Maintaining the e-mail network of Dutch citizens in accordance with privacy regulations and notifying Dutch citizens on behalf of the embassy administrator when necessary. Update the database of the Dutch community in Jordan in accordance with privacy regulations.

B2) Framework

  • The Consular/Administrative Officer is accountable to the Operations Manager for internal administrative matters, accommodations, financial management, and the progress and quality of consular services.
  • Departmental administrative and procedural implementation regulations regarding internal controls apply.

B3) Contact

  • Collaborates with the (deputy) operations manager and administrative staff on work planning and completion.
  • To work with third parties to obtain and provide information about the nature and progress of administrative processing of cases.
  • Use VFS for visa applications and timeframes.
  • Immigration Liaison Officers handle complex visa procedures.
  • Liaise with ministries and inter-ministerial agencies/agencies (including the Department of Consular and Migration Policy (DCV) and the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND)) to provide or obtain further information.
  • Cooperation with fellowship students for application.
  • With hotel and airline representatives.

C | Position Requirements

C1) Knowledge and skill requirements

  • Knowledge of applicable laws, internal administrative procedures, work instructions, formal rules of competence and procedures, and organizational duties, structures, and methods of work.
  • Knowledge of general principles of immigration and consular policy.
  • File creation and saving skills.
  • Skills that provide information about the enforcement of laws and procedures.
  • Knowledge of relevant computer systems and other systems such as NVIS, Application Devices, Gemeentelijke Basis Administrati and skills to use them.
  • Skills to create schedules, rosters, etc.
  • Ability to schedule work.
  • social and communication skills.
  • Customer-focused, incorruptible, and stress-resistant.
  • Sensitivity to fraud detection at both technical (document) and human levels.

C2) Ability

  • correct
  • Customer Oriented
  • Strong service spirit
  • majesty
  • stress tolerance

C3) Education Level/Additional Training and Knowledge

  • Education level: secondary vocational level
  • 3-5 years relevant experience required
  • Fluent English and Arabic (oral and written)

D | Working environment

The Dutch Embassy is made up of a diverse team that values ​​professionalism. This includes team spirit, cooperation, commitments, agreements, punctuality, team spirit, hard work, dedication and respect for each other and integrity.

The team consists of 40 employees (including expatriates, local staff and interns). The General Affairs and Consular Department has a total of 13 employees.

E | Staff Profile

An open and communicative personality. I want to do more than what is expected of my employees. Client-oriented, pro-active, accustomed to taking initiative and confident in making suggestions. You are a team worker and can solve immediate problems without the help of your boss.

Fu | Career flow

Administration – Consulate

G | How to apply

If you are interested in applying for this position, please send your cover letter and resume to: AMM-recruiting@minbuza.nl.

The application deadline is Monday, June 12, 2023.

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