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Vacancy for Local Support Officer in Education and Science at Embassy in Pretoria | News Article

News | Apr 5, 2023 | 08:54

The OWA network, which studies education and science at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Pretoria, is looking for a support person to work full time 37.5 hours per week.

You become part of the OWA network of embassies. The team consists of an Educational Science Attache and his Administrative Assistant. We plan to expand the team with more staff later this year.

basic details

Position : Support Officer Education & Science

Mission: OWA Network (Focus: Education and Science)

Job Level: Scale 8

Hours : Full time 37.5 hours per week

Contract period: June 2023 to February 2024

The Support Officer assists the Educational Sciences Attaché in exploring potential collaborations, identifying focus areas for policy learning and knowledge exchange, and clarifying the Dutch and South African education and science systems.

The OWA Network takes a proactive approach, seeking out opportunities from Dutch policy makers, educational and scientific institutions, and establishing direct contact with stakeholders through roundtable discussions.


1. Activities of Support Officers

  • It has ultimate responsibility and reports to the OWA attache who is responsible for policy-related support for the OWA network.
  • You give shape and direction to your own and your team’s activities within a designated framework. This includes planning, tracking and monitoring activities, schedules and progress.
  • Carry out administrative requests from the team by complying with departmental administrative and procedural rules, regulations and ministry work agreements.
  • Prepare information for management and provide analysis and recommendations upon request. Process and organize data, manage and maintain these digitally or on paper.
  • Assist knowledge delegations in preparing upcoming missions and create programs for knowledge delegations and visitors.

2. Actual work

  • Working closely as a team with other colleagues from the relevant embassy thematic teams (Innovation Team, Transformation & Identity Team, Climate Change Team, Smart City Team and other related areas) at the Embassy in Pretoria and the Consulate in Cape Town Liaise with and contact for foreign relations.
  • We actively utilize network contacts and independently extend this network, including maintaining an internal database.
  • Assist in the preparation and delivery of official visits, knowledge missions, lectures, seminars, workshops, networking events and other activities.
  • Collect and manage relevant sector information and share a calendar of educational and scientific events.
  • Support the presentation preparation process and create information documents.
  • Collect relevant and accurate information/data and communicate with relevant networks including but not limited to the Dutch and South African public and private sectors expanding the OWA network.
  • Gain visibility into team activity and share relevant information through social media.
  • Conceptualize program events such as alumni participation or partner day.
  • logistics arrangements for events;
  • Follow up on actions from events, including stakeholder contact and reporting.


  • Internal procedures and regulations
  • Evaluation by quality of support work
  • How the job is carried out is largely up to the decision of the Support Officer, in close agreement with the Educational Science Officer.

contact address

  • With the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science of The Hague and other ministries as appropriate, including OWA in other countries.
  • with local ministries, professional bodies, and the business community.
  • With other members of the Dutch Embassy, ​​especially team members in the Embassy’s thematic areas.
  • With independent civil society organizations such as NGOs.
  • News media for public relations, PR and press releases.

Knowledge and skill requirements

  • Skills in Windows-based MS Office programs such as Word, Excel, Outlook, 24/7
  • General knowledge and understanding of current (relevant) policy areas and processes, and familiarity with standard documentation and archiving techniques
  • understanding of civil servants and political concerns and sensitivities, key processes, and administrative, organizational and functional relationships;
  • Skilled in operating diplomatically as a link to third parties (external and external relations) at senior political and public service levels
  • Skilled in collecting and interpreting data and compiling management information
  • Skilled in administrative tasks, coordinating complex information flows and processes from a variety of sources, considering outcomes, interests, priorities, and more.


The following abilities are particularly important for the success of this job:

  • Good oral and written proficiency in English (other relevant languages ​​are an asset).
  • Knowledge and sense of international relations and affinity with Dutch-African relations.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and result-oriented attitude.
  • Good problem-solving skills and flexibility.
  • Analytical thinking and precise work.
  • Effective communicator with various stakeholders.
  • You can work in a team with colleagues across borders.
  • Well-developed intercultural competence is a must.

The following abilities are also important to the success of this role:

  • majesty
  • ability to cope with stress
  • client oriented
  • Initiative
  • center of goal
  • environmental awareness
  • planning and organization
  • Ability to set priorities

Work environment

The Embassy of Pretoria is active in all aspects of bilateral cooperation. The Embassy has three main sections: PCM, Economic and Agricultural Affairs, and Consular and Domestic Affairs. A section on education and science will be added in October 2022. The full-time staff consists of his 36 employees, supplemented by trainees (3-4) from the Netherlands.

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) is represented in an increasing number of countries around the world by Education and Science Officers at Dutch Embassies. This is called an OWA network. The OWA network facilitates policy learning among national governments, fosters cross-sectoral cooperation between educational and knowledge institutions, and reaches out to the labor market and sometimes local governments. Open science and mutual partnerships form the basis of the Dutch knowledge and talent strategy.

OWA network There are currently eight educational science officers in eight countries. Through this OWA network, the Ministry of OCW strengthens and contributes to international knowledge exchange and talent development in the Netherlands and these countries.

The OWA Network represents OCW ministries in the field of education and science at the national and institutional level. As this position is only recently established, the first objective is to build a strong network within the South African government and educational and knowledge institutions in the Netherlands and South Africa. Where appropriate, the network also aims to reach out to the labor market and local government where education, science, labor market and (local) government can complement each other. These stakeholders make an essential contribution to strengthening ties and relationships between the ministries of education and science in the Netherlands and South Africa, and the educational and knowledge institutions of both countries.

  • Policy support for key OCW divisions.
  • To provide knowledge and policy exchange between Dutch and South African institutions.
  • Bilateral and multilateral cooperation.

Much of the time is spent exploring cooperation possibilities, identifying focus areas for policy learning and knowledge exchange, and clarifying the Dutch and South African education and science systems.

The OWA Network takes a proactive approach, seeking out opportunities from Dutch policy makers, educational and scientific institutions, and establishing direct contact with stakeholders through roundtable discussions.

The OWA network belongs to the embassy organizational structure. The Education Science Counselor is the overall manager of the OWA team. The team is further made up of administrative assistants. More members will be added to the team in 2023.

Close cooperation with other sections within the embassy is desirable (i.e. thematic teams focused on innovation, transformation and identity, and possibly climate change and smart city focused teams). The OWA Network is responsible for defining the structures of excellence in which educational and knowledge institutions can best serve their students, researchers and society.

Staff profile

Our new colleague (Support Officer Education and Science) is an open-minded and enthusiastic person, experienced and knowledgeable in the field, and will bring these skills along with a witty and empathetic demeanor. You must have both. They have organizational and logistical talent and can work independently, accurately and unsupervised. They are both independent workers and team players, and should contribute to improving the overall atmosphere within the Embassy team.

Employment conditions

Successful applicants are expected to start employment from June 1, 2023.

This is a fixed contract position from June 2023 to February 2024.

Salary maximum scale 8, between ZAR 42,927 and 50,082 per month, depending on the candidate’s education and experience.

Diversity and inclusion

The Dutch government is an inclusive employer with a focus on diversity. We respect diversity, promote equality, challenge discrimination, and enhance organizational capacity. We welcome and encourage applications from people of all backgrounds. We do not discriminate on the basis of disability, race, color, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, or any other category protected by law. We promote flexible and family-friendly working conditions wherever operational and security needs permit.


Interested candidates can apply by the 17thth Send your motivational letter and recent resume to the Education Science Counselor Administrative Assistant using the May 2023 email address. ashna.makan@minbuza.nlApplicants should present the subject line of the application email as follows: Education&Science Support Officer – Surname.

Please note that if you do not receive an interview invitation by June 1, 2023, your application will be considered unsuccessful.

For job details, please contact:
Berto Boscia, Educational Science Attaché
Email: berto.bosscha@minbuza.nl
Phone: 083 292 0894

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