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Vacancy: Policy Advisor on Water | News Article

News | 16-01-2023 | 08:32

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN) in Jordan is looking to recruit. Water Policy Advisor.

A | Basic information


job title Policy Advisor Water (PAW)
Service composition/Title Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN), Amman, Jordan
job level

Scale 09 – Gross monthly starting salary ranging from JOD 2.160 to 2.880, depending on qualifications and relevant experience. Other benefits include medical insurance, social security,13.th and 14th month, vacation, family allowance.

working hours/week 37,5

A2. Introduction

Jordan is one of the most water-scarce countries in the world. Addressing Jordan’s water scarcity is a top priority of the Dutch multi-year cooperation strategy in Jordan. The Netherlands is helping Jordan to have sufficient water available to sustain its population, including refugees and vulnerable host communities. The Netherlands aims to contribute to the sustainable supply, efficient use and management of water. Policy Advisor Water plays a key role in advancing and adjusting the Dutch water portfolio.

B | Tasks and Results area

B1. Task Description

1. Liaison with the Jordanian government and partner organizations

  • A strong functional set of contacts within relevant government authorities at the policy, administrative and operational levels with a view to fostering and facilitating NL-JOR dialogue on policies, strategies and plans to address water scarcity. Maintain a network and stay in active contact. Follow-up on program implementation and evaluation.
  • Build, expand and maintain functional links with social structures such as civil society, the private sector, other national organizations including knowledge institutions, tribes and international development partners and (I)NGOs.
  • Arrange and actively participate in meetings with Japanese government ministries/agencies, NGOs, UN agencies, international banks and other dialogue platforms such as the Donor Coordination Council on Water-related Issues.

2. Policy advice

  • Monitors and advises on the status and trends of water-related legal, policy and institutional frameworks and advises on the importance and possible impact of EKN’s multi-year strategic plans and water-related activities.
  • Advise and actively contribute to the drafting of strategies such as Dutch (NL)/EKN policy documents and multi-year plans, policy notes, opinions and reviews.
  • Contribute to the formulation of national policy for the water sector through interaction with various interlocutors, based on interventions in the water sector in collaboration with knowledge institutions and Dutch experts.


  • Implement activities in the water sector to achieve the strategic goals set out in Jordan’s multi-year strategic plan for 2023-2026.
  • Work closely with embassy trade officers to identify business opportunities in the water sector.
  • Actively participate in oversight of the project and, where necessary, advise and/or assist in addressing specific opportunities and/or constraints in program implementation.
  • Identify and/or advise on opportunities for new activities in line with Jordanian government priorities and Dutch policy priorities.
  • Contribute/participate in the development, evaluation and monitoring of projects/programs in other relevant areas, if required/needed/relevant.

4. Project/Activity Management and Management

  • Management and (project cycle) management of selected projects, programs and activities.
  • Contributes to and/or advises on activity monitoring, organization and scope of reviews, site visits, progress reports, annual and multi-year planning and budget evaluation and follow-up.
  • Provide and/or assist in obtaining critical data from sector partners, programs and projects required for the preparation of memos, reports, monitoring sheets/results monitoring, etc.

5. Miscellaneous

  • Develop and strengthen individual/own capacity through training and/or research visits at national and international level to properly perform the above tasks and responsibilities.
  • Attend all EKN meetings related to the position.
  • Other tasks may be assigned based on professional competencies and competencies deemed necessary within the framework of EKN activities.

B2. Description of Results Area

1. Sufficient network with the Jordanian government and partner organizations

  • Relevant networks with relevant GOJ authorities, civil society, the private sector, knowledge institutions, development partners and (I)NGOs.
  • Optimal contact/communication with relevant partners, including representing the Embassy at relevant meetings.

2. Policy advice

  • Contributing policy notes, briefs, research, strategies and, where appropriate, specific advice on the legal, policy and institutional framework for Dutch water-related activities in Jordan.
  • Opportunities for company-to-company cooperation between NL and JOR have been identified. Advice provided to individual companies in collaboration with Embassy Trade Officers.


  • Support and promote the Dutch role in the water sector through advocacy, assist in donor coordination, and translate Dutch international leadership in water management to the Jordanian context.
  • Suggestions and advice on new programs, activities and partners in the water sector.
  • Actively facilitate the timely preparation and approval of relevant documents for water-related activities funded by NL/EKN.
  • Briefs, advice on opportunities and/or constraints in implementing the program.

4. Project/Activity Management and Management

  • A well-managed portfolio of activities in the water sector: activities conceived, identified, evaluated, registered, monitored and terminated in line with established rules and regulations.
  • Contributing to the preparation and monitoring of annual and annual plans, budgets and progress reports.
  • Key data from sector partners, programs and projects available for notes, reports, monitoring sheets/results monitoring, etc.

5. Miscellaneous

  • Individual/self development
  • Participation in all EKN meetings related to the position
  • Performing other assigned tasks deemed necessary within the scope of Embassy activities.

See | Position Requirements

knowledge, education, skills


  • General knowledge and understanding of Jordan’s water situation and sector, and the relationship between agriculture and climate change.
  • Appropriate contacts with relevant Jordanian government agencies, private sector and civil society (NGOs, CBOs).
  • Knowledge of business planning and evaluation methods/methods, as well as skills/experience to utilize them.
  • Knowledge of Jordanian culture, tribes and customs.

education level

  • Master’s degree, preferably in hydraulic science/engineering.
  • Experience Level: A minimum of 5 years of relevant professional experience is required.


  • good communication skills;
  • Native Arabic, fluent English (written and oral) required.
  • good political antenna
  • Skills in translating insights and information into advice, planning and reporting and assessing their policy and financial impact.
  • Networking skills and abilities to establish and maintain diplomatic and other contacts at higher levels.
  • A positive approach and the ability to work independently.
  • I am a dedicated and energetic team member who enjoys working closely with others.
  • good computer skills.


  • Ability to work with others
  • Ability to work independently
  • center of goal
  • majesty
  • Organizational confidentiality
  • Initiative
  • environmental awareness
  • networking skills
  • analytical thinking
  • Flexibility
  • eager to learn

D | Work environment and contact

Policy Officer Mizu is part of the Embassy’s development cooperation team in Amman, led by the mission’s deputy secretary.

The Dutch Embassy is located in Abdoun Al Shamari. The embassy team consists of his 40 staff members, including an attaché, a (regional) policy officer, and support his staff. The embassy atmosphere is informal, very one team oriented and has a ‘can do’ mentality. The embassy’s mission in various policy areas is considered to be the joint responsibility of all. Languages ​​spoken are English, Dutch and Arabic.

The Water Policy Officer will work closely with the Dutch Regional Envoy for Water, Energy and Food, who is also part of the Embassy team in Amman.

contact address

  • Together with the Dutch Enterprise Authority (RVO.nl) in The Hague and other policy advisors on water in the region.
  • together with the relevant ministries and authorities of Jordan and the Netherlands;
  • There are Water Knowledge Institutes in the Netherlands and Jordan.
  • with development agencies, other embassies and the business community.
  • With other members of the Dutch Embassy, ​​especially members of the economic team.
  • Together with other Embassy staff on procedures, working methods, program progress, and explanations and interpretations of the law.
  • Together with the Dutch Enterprise Authority (RVO.nl) in The Hague and other policy advisors on water in the region.
  • With independent civil society organizations such as CBOs and NGOs.

E | How to apply

If you are interested in applying for this position, please send your cover letter and resume to: AMM-recruiting@minbuza.nl.

Deadline: Saturday, January 28, 2023 at 23:59 (Jordan time).

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