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Vancouver Vacancies – Trade Officer/Advisor, Hydrogen or Critical Minerals | News Article

News Article | Jul 13, 2023 | 16:26

The Dutch Consulate General in Vancouver, Canada is looking for a Trade Officer/Advisor for Hydrogen and/or Critical Minerals. This position is part-time, 18.75 hours per week (50%) and initially he will be available until January 1, 2025, but may be extended.

Geopolitical challenges and the ambition to become more sustainable are creating new opportunities for the Netherlands (and the European Union) and Canada to work together in new areas. Our trade and innovation cooperation is primarily focused on strong Dutch areas such as agriculture, water management, life sciences and health, innovation and the circular economy.

Hydrogen and important minerals are a relatively new subject for the Consulate. Trade Officers/Advisors will explore opportunities for cooperation. The basis for this collaboration is:

  • Memorandum of Understanding on Hydrogen Signed Between the Governments of Canada and the Netherlands
  • Important Mineral Strategies Developed in Both Countries

We build cooperation by:

  • Collect knowledge and information on the latest innovation, technology and scientific developments around the world, especially in Canada and the Netherlands.
  • It connects potential Canadian and Dutch partners at the B2B level, research to research, government to government, and has the potential to help form partnerships in the Canadian-Dutch shared ecosystem.
  • (Innovation) Planning of missions, seminars, workshops and matching events.
  • Identify funding mechanisms for bilateral and multilateral cooperation.

The Consulate General in Vancouver is part of Canada’s diplomatic network, which also comprises the Dutch Embassy in Ottawa, the Consulate General in Toronto, several embassies in Washington, D.C., and numerous honorary consuls in each province of Canada. increase. Working with the Dutch Innovation Network in North America (colleagues in the US and Canada) is essential for this position. We also work closely with our sister organization, the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA), to promote investment in the Netherlands.

Where possible, we will work with Canadian stakeholders such as the Canadian Embassy in the Netherlands and Canadian government agencies to create a shared ecosystem where innovation and trade can be easily exchanged and jointly developed between the two countries. cooperate with As allies with similar values, we seek partnerships.

job description
As a “Trade Officer/Hydrogen or Critical Minerals Advisor”, you become part of Canada’s economic network. You are based at the Dutch Consulate General in downtown Vancouver.

Economic Network Canada consists of 23 colleagues across the Dutch diplomatic missions in the United States and Canada. The Consulate General of Japan in Vancouver consists of nine colleagues, five of whom are engaged in economic diplomacy.

Together with another (part-time) colleague, you will be responsible for covering developments in the areas of hydrogen and critical minerals. Which of the two subjects you choose depends on your profile and preferences. We report on how the Canadian government (provincial and federal) is developing policy in these areas and review the latest relevant developments in industry and science. It also identifies Dutch organizations (government, research and knowledge institutions, private sector) with potential interest in the Canadian sector. You identify and facilitate opportunities for cooperation. Initiate and facilitate missions, events and visits to position the Dutch character in Canada.

You will work with all departments of Canada’s diplomatic network. The focus will be on working with the NFIA and the Innovation Attaché Network. We will also be in regular contact and working closely with the Embassy in Ottawa and the Consulate General in Toronto. Where there are common interests, he contacts EU Member State missions for cooperation.

In your role, you will:

  • Investigate and report on relevant policy developments related to hydrogen or critical minerals.
  • Build and maintain relevant networks in focus areas in both Canada and the Netherlands
  • Identify potential opportunities to enhance research cooperation and trade between the Netherlands and Canada
  • Contribute to the execution of NFIA and Innovation Attaché Network strategy and related activities.
  • Reporting to the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs on focus sectors
  • Identify and evaluate potential partners and facilitate connections.
  • Respond to inquiries from both Dutch and Canadian parties regarding hydrogen or important minerals.
  • Networking in industry, government and research communities in both the Netherlands and Canada.
  • Participate in other Consulate initiatives as a full-fledged team member as needed.

Additional notes specific to hydrogen:

  • Responsible for creating one R&D collaboration project between Canadian and Dutch institutions.
  • Promote cooperation between Dutch and Canadian startup accelerators.
  • We help Dutch research institutes and companies access Canadian or EU-Canada funding possibilities, for example within the EU Horizon programme.
  • Promoting a demonstration project of Dutch hydrogen technology in Canada.

Required Skills and Expertise

  • Demonstrated interest and relevant experience in hydrogen or the critical minerals/mining sector.
  • Academic master’s degree (preferably related or innovation studies)
  • Be fluent in English (reading, writing and speaking)
  • excellent writing skills
  • Skilled communicator and presenter
  • Relevant networks in the Canadian industry and research community.A similar network in the Netherlands would be an asset
  • Proactive, service-oriented, flexible and able to serve both Canadian and Dutch customers
  • Candidates should be comfortable working and communicating with people of all levels of seniority/authority and should be open-minded team players.
  • A working knowledge of the Dutch language will be an asset.

we offer

We offer local contracts and competitive salaries in a dynamic and challenging international environment with good secondary terms. Salary Estimate: From $5,196 CAD gross to $7,794 CAD monthly (based on a full-time, 37.5 hour contract), depending on relevant experience. The initial contract term is until January 2025. The contract may be extended based on the performance and potential of efforts in these two new areas.

Note: A valid Canadian residence/work permit is required.

Note: This position is designed for office work, not for remote work

The Dutch government promotes an active diversity policy and is committed to inclusive organisation. We do this by optimally locating and capitalizing on people’s differences. We value diversity in age, gender, culture, background, orientation, knowledge and ability when building teams and recruiting new talent. Accepting this kind of difference between staff is natural for any employee.

We hope to fulfill this position as soon as possible.

For inquiries, please contact the following.
for many information Please contact Sebastian Messerschmidt for details of this position. seb.messerschmidt@minbuza.nl and VAN@minbuza.nl by copy.

To application For this position, please send your resume and motivation letter (in English) with a reference to Sebastian Messerschmidt. seb.messerschmidt@minbuza.nlConsul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Western Canada, and VAN@minbuza.nl by copy.

The application deadline is July 31, 2023.

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