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Victim of Amsterdam shooting dies from injuriesPolice still looking for shooter

victims of Shooting incident north of Amsterdam Police said he died Tuesday afternoon from his injuries. A 43-year-old man had no settlement.he was identified by parole Dwight Mook was convicted of shooting a man during a traffic dispute in Amsterdam city center in 2001. Two people were arrested in connection with Mook’s death, but neither is believed to be the shooter.

The shooting on Tuesday occurred near the Viking Pad parking lot around 4 p.m., and the victim was seriously injured. “Witnesses saw an injured man being pulled into a red car, which quickly drove away, after hearing a loud bang,” police said Wednesday. Immediately after the shooting, a red Dacia Sandero staircase with Belgian license plates became one of the focal points of the investigation. Photos from the scene showed the front end of the vehicle smeared with blood.

Police responding to eyewitnesses of the shooting were unable to find any dignitaries at the scene. They turned their attention to a Dacia vehicle found near the BovenIJ hospital north of Amsterdam. Police cordoned off the area and eventually seized the car. “Shortly afterward, the victim was found dead in hospital,” police added.

The two men were immediately arrested in connection with the shooting, barred from communicating with anyone other than their legal representatives, and placed in restricted custody. Both are from Almere, one is 37 and the other is 38. “Their roles in the shooting are being investigated further, but detectives suspect neither of them were the shooters,” police said.

Detectives hoped to get in touch with a witness, especially one who left the scene of the crime on a bicycle. In addition, police were looking for still images and video footage of the area, particularly who he was in IJdoornlaan around 4pm on the day of the shooting.

Mook was found guilty of the October 21, 2001 shooting of Rene Nijida, Parole reported Wednesday. Mook, 21 at the time, had been driving under the influence of alcohol after a night out at a club on Boulevard de l’Egrilsdoire. Nijida, 23, was double-parking and blocking the road while talking to some of his friends. Mook was unable to drive past and was confronted by the other man, who beat him as the argument escalated. Mook then took out a gun and retaliated by shooting an Amsterdam resident in the head. He was soon arrested with a gun and admitted to shooting. Prosecutors had sought 12 years in prison for Mook, but when he was convicted, the court gave him seven years in prison.

While in custody, Mook had a fight with another prisoner before trial, the newspaper said. Mook stabbed the prisoner in the chest with a pen and nearly killed the victim by striking him in the heart. Mook claimed he didn’t realize he had a pen when he pushed the aggressive victim as part of self-defense. He was convicted of assault, but not of attempted murder.

He was released in 2006, but was repeatedly accused of multiple crimes, as he had been as a minor. Parole said he was convicted of assault, robbery and weapons charges as a child, and later charged with assault, drug offenses and theft as an adult.

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