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VIDEO: NL Alert Issued After Severe Fire in Rotterdam Warehouse

Firefighters were busy Wednesday morning fighting a raging fire at a timber storage facility in Keireweg, Rotterdam. The fire was first reported at 7:30 am and quickly spread throughout the building. Authorities issued NL alerts to local residents to warn them of the situation.

Reinmond said the fire was so violent that windows in nearby buildings were broken and the letters on the signs for Praxis and Atelier van Lieshout melted. Alerts were quickly raised for the Rotterdam West fire, which was classified as a very large fire just minutes after firefighters were dispatched to the scene. Around 7:40 am it was again raised to Regional Emergency Grip 1.

Local safety officials said no one was injured. Firefighters said the blaze spread to a lumber storage facility but did not spread to other buildings. “The fire brigade protects the surrounding buildings with water screens.”

Grip 1 is a protocol for handling large-scale incidents involving various emergency services. First responders are expected to be united under a single commander.

A NL alert was issued shortly after 8am in response to the fire, warning residents, workers and tourists across Rotterdam to stay away from the smoke. The warning called on people to close windows and doors and turn off ventilation systems if they are adversely affected by smoke while indoors.

Warnings were sent not only to the city center, but also to people in Rotterdam West, Klaringen Krossweig, Klaringen East-East and near the Erasmus Bridge. People in Delfshaven, Schiedam, Kopp van Zuid and Oud-Isselmonde may also have received the alert in some places.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/06/28/video-raging-fire-rotterdam-warehouse-prompts-nl-alert VIDEO: NL Alert Issued After Severe Fire in Rotterdam Warehouse

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