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Visitor seriously injured in attraction accident at Zwarte Cross Festival

A visitor at the Zwarte Cross Festival in Lichtenforde, canton Gelderland, was seriously injured in an accident on Friday afternoon. According to the Gelderland PoliceThe victim fell from the attraction and was seriously injured. statement An article on the Zwarte Cross website later corroborated this incident.

The accident occurred Friday afternoon at the “Do Your Own Stunt” attraction. Older videos on social media depict the attraction as a ramp several meters high that visitors use rubber bands to slide down. A large air cushion sits at the bottom of the ramp to cushion your fall. However, according to a local broadcaster, Omrop Gelderland, this year, the attraction was redesigned as a stunt to give visitors a freefall experience. “The stunt involved a harnessed spectator free-falling from a high platform,” the station reported. The exact circumstances of the accident remain unknown.

A trauma helicopter landed at the festival grounds after the accident. The injured visitor was taken by ambulance to the trauma center in Enschede. The helicopter left the scene unattended.

The Zwarte Cross organization has not provided any information on the victim’s condition. Witnesses to the accident offered to help.

Following the incident, a spokesperson said: De Gelderlander said:“We organize the cross to have a great celebration. It’s not good for someone to get hurt in the process.”

The attraction will remain closed for the remainder of the festival while an investigation is conducted. Police are working with the NVWA (Netherlands Food and Consumer Products Safety Authority) to establish the exact circumstances of the accident.

The Zwarte Cross Festival takes place each year in Lichtenfolde and combines music, motocross, stunts and theater. This is he one of the biggest music festivals in Holland and is considered the biggest motocross event in the world. This year’s edition begins Thursday and runs through Sunday.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/07/21/visitor-severely-injured-zwarte-cross-festival-attraction-accident Visitor seriously injured in attraction accident at Zwarte Cross Festival

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