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Volleyball in Holland | ExpatINFO Netherlands

Dutch volleyball (traditional 6×6 indoor) and beach volleyball are popular sports, with a total of 125,000 players registered as members of the Dutch National Volleyball Association and hundreds of clubs across the country.

Dutch Volleyball Association

Nevovo The umbrella organization for volleyball in the Netherlands, including beach volleyball and indoor volleyball. player, beach, sitting volleyball player. Nevobo’s main duties include organizing regional and national competitions and tournaments, supporting clubs and members, promoting the sport of volleyball, developing talent, and promoting the Netherlands at international events (European Championships, World Cups, Olympics, etc.). This includes organizing a team to represent the

Nevobo is headquartered in DeWeerelt and has four regional offices: North (Heerenveen), East (Apeldoorn), South (Eindhoven) and West (Utrecht).

Nevoboz volleyball academy We offer a variety of training including playing, coaching and refereeing.

traditional indoor volleyball

Volleyball is played on a court that is 9 meters wide and 18 meters long. The service zone extends 3 meters beyond the service lines on either end. A raised net attached to two posts divides the court in half. The standard net height for men’s matches is 2.43m and for women’s matches is 2.24m. A team has 6 players.

A standard ball used for indoor volleyball is made of rubber, is of uniform light color, has a circumference of 65-67 cm, weighs 260-280 grams, and has an inflation pressure of 0.3-0.325 kg/cm2.

formal Dutch volleyball rules.

Dutch top volleyball

of Eredivisie is the top league of traditional Dutch indoor 6×6 volleyball. The 10 best clubs in the country compete within the league. There are men’s and women’s Eredivisie leagues. Teams consist of a total of 18 players. Six on the court, six on the bench and six in the reserves. A team’s performance during the season will determine which team will compete for the league championship. national trophy and qualified to qualify european league.

international volleyball tournament

The Netherlands has competed in several international volleyball tournaments, including the World Cup and Olympic Games. At these events, teams of top players are assembled to represent their country as Team His Orange.For team orange men’s team, ladies team When youth team.

play volleyball in the netherlands

Most people are first introduced to the sport of volleyball during physical education in elementary or middle school. Expats who enjoy volleyball as a sport or as a pastime can continue to play in the Netherlands.find near Dutch volleyball club.

Some of the largest volleyball clubs in Holland are:

Dutch beach volleyball

In general, beach volleyball follows most of the same rules of play as standard volleyball, but there are some notable differences.

  • The surface of the court is sand (depth of 30 cm or more)
  • The court measures 8 x 16 metres, with 3-metre service zones at each end
  • Team has 2 players
  • The ball is made of smooth material (leather, synthetic leather, other synthetic leather, etc.), has a circumference of 66-68 cm, weighs 260-280 grams, and has an inflated pressure of 0.175-0.225 kg/cm2. .

see the formula Dutch rules for beach volleyball.

Top level beach volleyball in Holland

of Eredivisie Beach The highest level beach volleyball league in the Netherlands. The team competed in 10 tournaments during the summer season, Dutch Beach Volleyball Championship Played at the Den Haag Beach Stadium in Scheveningen.

International Beach Volleyball Tournament

The top Dutch beach volleyball team participates in international competitions such as the World Championships. World tour, european games, continental cup and the Olympic.

play beach volleyball in the netherlands

Beach volleyball is played all over the Netherlands, even in inland cities far from the nearest beaches. An expat who enjoyed playing beach volleyball before moving to the Netherlands clubs near me and/or enter local tournament.

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