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Volt wants to “radically” change the Dutch system

Radical overhauls are needed to solve several ongoing and complex crises, said political party Volt. Climate policy, the socio-economic system and the system of democracy all need significant changes which must happen under a European umbrella, according to the party’s draft election program presented on Tuesday.

This is necessary because choices have been postponed for far too long, according to the party. “It is time for major systemic changes that solve the crises and paint a radically positive picture of the future, so that people say, ‘I can’t wait for 2050,‘” said party leader Laurens Dassen. “Dare to make choices, that’s what it’s all about.”

To make Europe climate-neutral by 2040, “excesses” such as private jets will have to be banned. Polluting factories must be closed until they are made to be sustainable and will be subject to stricter taxes. Furthermore, it must be forbidden to destroy unused and unsold goods. The party wants to bid “goodbye to the old world.”

Volt advocates for a “radically different view of humanity,” where trust and the human dimension take center stage. The party believes that social assistance and the minimum wage should be increased. As part of their vision for social security, Volt proposes the introduction of a basic income, which could replace benefits and allowances. They also call for a national debt pardon program for “people living in poverty and people with problematic debts.”

In Dassen’s view, democracy needs an upgrade to align with the 21st century. To achieve this, the party suggests enhancing citizens’ influence by establishing a permanent citizens’ council. They are also advocating for amplifying the voices of young people by lowering the right to vote to 16 years old.

Volt believes these measures should take place within a federal and democratic Europe equipped with its own armed forces. According to the party leader, a strong Europe alongside major powers like China and the United States is the only way to guarantee “our safety, social security, and a green future.”

Volt has been represented in the Tweede Kamer since 2021. The party won three seats in the parliamentary election that year. Like many young parties, it faced its share of internal problems. Last year, the party notably expelled Nilüfer Gündoğan from its parliamentary faction after reports of transgressive behavior.

The party won two seats in the Senate election in March this year.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/09/05/volt-wants-radically-change-dutch-system Volt wants to “radically” change the Dutch system

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