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Want to dine al fresco in Amsterdam? Book and pay in advance for up to 2 hours

Cafes and restaurants in Amsterdam are planning to limit outdoor eating and drinking to address social distancing. The first is Nieuwmarkt, a blueprint for similar spaces in Amsterdam and elsewhere in the country.

Hermann Still

There are 25 tables, no more than 100 customers and staff are allowed at any one time, and reservations via the app are mandatory. This is what Nieuwmarkt’s outdoor dining plan looks like, though it will take place on June 17th, rather than June 1st when cafes and restaurants reopen.

Barry Van den Berg, who is behind the plan, says this is the first step as lockdowns are eased. He points out that controlled outdoor eating and drinking is safer for customers, staff and local residents.

A former weigh station, the square outside the Warg is now a self-contained dining area with separate entrances. Don’t just pull up a chair and place your order. When you book through the events app Yourticketprovider, you get one hour slot from 10am to 10pm, with a maximum of two slots per table.

When you leave, tables and chairs are cleaned and customers for the next shift stand in line 1.5 meters away. .

drink money

When you book, you pay for your drinks up front so you can’t show up right away. Use the Amsterdam AirTips app to order your drinks and snacks and have these delivered to your table or picked up from a socially distanced, staffed central bar.

Van den Berg is the operator of Café del Mondo, which, like many of his colleagues in the city center, has limited space. He has been working on reopening plans for his own business and dozens of others in Zeedijk and the rest of Warren, which lacks outdoor space, since cafes and restaurants closed.

They came up with the idea of ​​a shared terrace run by a cooperative of 20 to 25 local businesses. This group also includes representatives of the local population.

“As a 55-year-old Amsterdammer, I know I can’t please everyone,” says Van den Berg. “But we want to do this together for the region. All these places in Zeedijk are like a string of pearls, great venues frequented by locals. Places such as Het Mandje, Casablanca and De Roode Laars, where you risk losing some of the pearls from the string.”

corona proof

Similar outdoor dining plans, both small and large, have been developed across the country to allow people to visit cafes and restaurants in a safe and controlled manner. Organizers say this is fundamentally important.

“When lockdowns ease, people go out looking for things to do,” says Heineken’s Marc Josephus Gitta. “Add to that, with summer vacation coming up, whether you like it or not, the city center is going to be busy. Apart from the Nieuwmarkt, we are also involved in the planning of the Leidseplein area and the Ziggo Dome indoor arena where outdoor dining is permitted, the RAI Convention Center and We are in talks.”

Jitter says Heineken is gathering a number of partners to help. “We have created a playbook on how to equip restaurants and bars. We use some of the same technology as events, but this is not a festival. We want to make the most of our knowledge and are in contact with major organizers such as Mojo, ID&T and LOC7000.”

reward for good behavior

Van den Berg says it’s important to take an incremental approach. If the Nieuwmarkt gets off to a good start and the authorities and locals are satisfied, the square’s maximum capacity can be increased to 106 tables and his 420 customers. “Steps like this should be the reward for good behavior.

There is plenty of space for passers-by and Saturday market stalls, and even a corridor for the elderly in the Fressemann Care Home overlooking the square. “Try every possible design, choose the best walking route to avoid getting too close to others, choose the best layout so everyone has enough space, place toilets and bars. I chose a place and so on.”

Van den Berg has given an opening date, but we don’t know when it will end. “Some say it will last two years. The pandemic is not over yet, but our plan is a temporary solution to a temporary problem. We do not intend to colonize Nieuwmarkt permanently. ”

https://www.parool.nl/english/want-to-eat-outdoors-in-amsterdam-there-s-a-two-hour-maximum-and-you-book-and-pay-beforehand~bdec93c7/ Want to dine al fresco in Amsterdam? Book and pay in advance for up to 2 hours

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