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Warmest start to October on record in the Netherlands

Never before since temperature records started has October begun as warm as this year in the Netherlands. According to Weeronline, the first ten days of the month set a record with an average temperature of 16.6 degrees. “It was noticeably warmer than usual on all ten days, and the nights were remarkably mild,” Weeronline wrote.

Official weather records for the Netherlands are recorded in De Bilt, which is considered a meteorological center for the country. During this time of year, the typical average temperature is 12.2 degrees. The previous record for the warmest start to October was 15 degrees, dating back to 2001.

In the first ten days of October, a minimum temperature of 9 degrees is typical, but the lowest minimum temperature in De Bilt this year was 11.6 degrees, measured on October 8.

According to the Dutch meteorological institute KNMI, this year’s exceptionally warm autumn may be an average autumn in 2050. The average temperature in De Bilt in autumn is 10.9 degrees. In 2050, this will be between 0.8 and 1.7 degrees higher.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/10/11/warmest-start-october-record-netherlands Warmest start to October on record in the Netherlands

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