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Weekend Special February 23-26, 2023

weekend special

The Weekend Special focuses on the main events taking place in and around The Hague region, suitable for expats and the international community.

This weekend’s highlights include the International Comedy Festival in Utrecht, a play that takes you to New York and Broadway in the 1940s, a new exhibition by five internationally acclaimed Hague artists, and talented Polish pop-rock vocalist Kasia Includes performance by Kowalska,

There are many other events this weekend, including a Panel 35 session about relaxing in Holland.

If you are planning an event and would like to be included in the Weekend Special, please send your information, including photos, to . editor@thehagueonline.com

enjoy your weekend

One of the world’s largest comedy festivals is back with a higher profile stand-up comedy. With 42 (!) shows over 11 days, this year’s Utrecht International Comedy Festival (UICF) will feature names like Martijn Koning, Magic Tom & Yuri and Glenn Wool. From February 22nd to March 4th, the UICF once again puts ‘Domstad’ in the spotlight with cutting-edge themes.

UICF has made people laugh 11 times. Comedy makes social and controversial topics the subject of discussion. Heavy food becomes easier to digest and even more interesting. Comedy enhances mutual understanding because comedians come from all walks of life and different cultures. And most importantly, laughing together is fun and healthy!

Stravinsky, Mondrian and American Songs is a romantic and nostalgic performance in which performers spend time with the audience set to the music of Igor Stravinsky, songs by George Gershwin and Cole Porter, and visuals from works by Piet Mondrian. Dating back. combined with the image. New York from the 1940’s.

This highly diverse program of playful and engaging rhythmic music, dance and song epitomizes the character and atmosphere of 1940s New York and Broadway. The performers of this program, Soundwave his collective and Dance his group Otrolad, are fascinated by these artists and their innovative approach to art.

This spring, Stroom presents the work of five international artists based in The Hague.at the exhibition Position: Other Artists Andrius Artiunian, Louis Braddock Clarke, Zuzanna Zgierska, Iliada Chalambas, Anastastya (Nastya) Kiake and Narges Mohammadi will present new and recent works.

At the same time as connecting to the here and now of the city, we are exhibiting works that are related to “other than there”. Those places can be community centers, national borders or even outer space.The Hague is the starting point for artists. As an (international) center of power and authority, a city that derives its identity largely from its relationships with other places.

On Sunday 26th February, Kasia Kowalska, one of the most talented and popular Polish pop-rock vocalists, will perform for the first time at The Hague’s Paard.

Kasia Kowalska rose to popularity in the mid-90s after releasing her debut album.Gemini”. Since then, she has sold nearly her 1.4 million albums.

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