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Weekend Special June 1-4, 2023

weekend special

The Weekend Special features the main events in The Hague region and surroundings, suitable for expatriates and the international community.

Highlights of the weekend include the Delft Fringe Festival with cabaret, music, dance and theatre, the cozy Kedelok Music Festival, the ‘Head Wrap Diaries’ by STET and the 25th anniversary of the Royal Ten Road Race. included.

There’s plenty more happening this weekend, including the electronic music festival Crave at Zyderpark and reggae by Eek-A-Mouse at Paard.

If you are planning an event and would like to be featured in our Weekend Special, please send your information, including photos, to: editor@thehagueonline.com

enjoy your weekend

Experience Delft in a different way for 9 days. His first two weeks in June, Delft will be packed with a variety of performances in 28 special places that are otherwise inaccessible. From cabaret to music, dance to theater, 30 young creators offer a range of experiences for residents and visitors of all ages.

The Delft Fringe Festival welcomes visitors who do not speak Dutch. These shows are either in English or have no (or very little) language such as dance or music, so many performances are suitable to visit even if you don’t speak Dutch. click here Towards the “no language problem” performance

KadeRock, the Netherlands’ biggest mini-festival, returns to The Hague on Friday 2nd June and Saturday 3rd June. For two days instead of one this year, make the most of the music, the shows, the people, the atmosphere, the sun and all the beauty that the Music City The Hague has to offer.

This year, the KadeRock stage will once again feature both established artists and emerging talents who shape the best of The Hague’s music past, present and future. With signature music like rock, pop, metal, hip-hop, Latin and jazz, there’s plenty to get excited about for all musical tastes.

From June 2nd to 4th, STET will present “The Head Wrap Diaries” at Saar 3. The performance is about three fierce, smart, and resourceful female characters who explore femininity, beauty, culture, and most importantly. A hairstyle that combines house, wacking, vogue, African and contemporary dance.

Located inside a south London hair salon called BE U Tiful, ‘Head Wrap Diaries’ gives you front row seats to stories from childhood to the present through a unique blend of house, wacking, house wacking and culture. You can watch, interact, and be immersed in the journey from start to finish. Vogue blends African and contemporary dance, accompanied by a specially commissioned soundtrack of Afro house, folk, electronic dance music, jazz and Ghanaian gospel.

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