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What is a Business Intelligence dashboard?

Business Intelligence Dashboard is a special application that is required to visualize and conduct research of the collected data. On the screen, you will see values ​​that will help you identify gaps and affect the productivity of not only one employee but the team as a whole. This data is often used by executives looking to improve their businesses.

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BI dashboards features

The utility’s interface can be changed according to the preference. There are various templates in this program, thanks to which you can create reports in a few minutes. You can use libraries with various widgets and pictures that will decorate your utility. Such images can be selected to display options and make the program more user-friendly and attractive.

Among the most important and useful components, it is worth highlighting the following:

  1. Visualization capabilities. You can independently customize the elements that require visual display, such as statistics or the work productivity, the performance of a specific employee, and so on.
  2. Online connection to the storage. The program will quickly update information from selected sources (internal databases or external channels).
  3. You can select the required date ranges or specific services to view them in a given order.

Benefits of BI dashboards

Special dashboards are essential for the correct and efficient operation of any company. Data storages are growing, so it becomes more and more difficult to cope with the flow of incoming data and process it correctly. The utility will be an excellent assistant for structuring information and converting it into an easy-to-study format. The main advantages of such developments are as follows:

  • ability to plan and make quick decisions;
  • converting numbers into visual graphs or charts that are much easier to view;
  • identification of trends in the chosen field;
  • fast problem solving and reduction of risks;

If you are not using such utilities for analysis yet, try implementing them in your work. You will notice that the work efficiency will increase as you will quickly respond to changes and know exactly which field needs more attention.


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