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What is your corona type: Submissive, Relaxed, Alert?

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You live on the 12th floor of an apartment building and are waiting for the elevator. When the door opens, there is a woman inside. The lift isn’t big, but it’s not small either. There are several things you can do.

You can go in and stand in the corner. You can wear a mask. You can stand by a woman and mutter, this is ridiculous, all these rules. I can’t even go inside, and I get annoyed when a woman without a mask touches a button with her finger. You can keep your distance, but when you go out, say out loud, “Have a nice day.”

You can provide hand sanitizer for women. You can wait for the next lift. You can tell her that her grandma just died from coronavirus, but quickly put it in perspective and say she’s going to die eventually anyway. Say the house needs to be united. Of course, you can also simply climb the stairs.

You may have noticed that different people have different ways of following and interpreting the coronavirus rules. It can be roughly divided into 6 types.


Never miss a press conference about the pandemic. You can also stay on top of all the latest rules and developments. Some people complain about compulsory face masks and bars closing at 10pm, but not you. Never dreaming of going out with friends for the weekend, he always takes 20 seconds to wash his hands and wipe down the door handle as soon as he gets home.

In supermarkets, keep your distance and, if necessary, wait a short time to allow others to get out of the way before removing the bread from the shelf. Other souls rarely meet face to face. You are video calling all day long. I get annoyed when people around me don’t take the rules too seriously. You are making a sacrifice: why does everyone have to be so selfish these days? I unfollowed someone on Instagram.


At least in theory, have a rough idea of ​​what’s going on with regards to Corona and follow the rules. From people he stays 1.5 meters away and has been washing his hands for months. But I also have some questions. In some cases, 1 meter may be sufficient. And if you’re not touching anything while you’re outside, does hand washing really matter? As long as everyone keeps their distance, there’s no reason why a few more people can’t visit your home.

Wear a mask in the store, tuck it in your pants pocket or hang it under your chin, except when the store is quiet. Keep your distance, even at the supermarket. On weekends, go out with friends, go to the theater, cinema, or cafe. After all, it is allowed. When the rules are unclear, I usually interpret them to my advantage. I don’t mind if the mall is crowded. I can see why some people don’t act according to the book. After all, they should be guidelines, not rules.


We try to follow all the corona rules, but we don’t always succeed. While social distancing when dining out with friends at a sidewalk cafe, she dips Bitterballen into a mayonnaise bowl twice. You go home and wash your hands, but forget the door handle. I don’t think the virus is any worse than the flu when the number of new cases is low.

You went on vacation to Italy last month and everyone there wore a mask in the streets. When you got home you were determined to wear it too, but that determination wore off after a few weeks. Squeeze all the avocados. I get annoyed when people step off the sidewalk to keep their distance, but deep down I know they’re right.

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You respect the coronavirus rules, but you also think it’s a bit overkill and you try to explain this to people. Many people die from the flu. ” Sometimes I quote stoic philosophers like Epictetus, or psychiatrist Damian Dennis. But there is no problem of resistance, and all limitations are taken lightly. I think life will be a little more lonely and boring for a while, but it’s not the end of the world. Spend more time with your family and more opportunities to cook with 5 or more ingredients. Lighten your mood by posting funny videos and memes about coronavirus. These don’t always work equally well. You were kicked out of a Facebook group for parents of your daughter’s classmates.


You follow the rules, but don’t think that’s enough. Why aren’t governments adopting tighter limits? Here’s a table and analysis to support your claims. I haven’t seen anyone in months. Post messages on social media telling people to wear masks and avoid social contact. I get annoyed when there are too many people in the park. People don’t wash their hands often, so I can’t see my grandma. I looked out the window and saw four boys sitting on a bench shouting, “Social distance! Social distance!”

I need flour and toilet paper, but I don’t dare to go to the supermarket. Because people are very unpredictable and one of them could cough in your face at any moment. You stopped talking to two friends because you didn’t follow the rules enough. You left a Facebook group because someone posted a funny meme about the virus. You emailed the newspaper and told them that no one was wearing a mask at the Albert Hein supermarket on Sarphati Street.


You have no respect for coronavirus. You think the rules are silly. You say the government cannot force me to do anything. So I don’t wear a mask, I wash my hands only when I go to the bathroom, and I don’t try to practice social distancing. Meet more friends and shake hands than ever before. You think the old people in the street are brave. You think the government is screwing things up. They don’t have your best interests at heart.

You do a lot of research yourself. You hate people who don’t do this and just trust the government like sheep. it annoys you. I vacationed in a high-risk area. Even if the pub is closed, the party continues at your place. You post a picture of a tombstone inscribed with: May 5, 1945 to September 30, 2020.

why the difference?

Frenke van Hallereld, a senior lecturer in behavior change at the University of Amsterdam, says fear of the virus is the most important predictor of whether people are following the rules. People who feel invincible behave differently than people who feel vulnerable. Students throw illegal parties that parents would never dream of doing.

People are less afraid of viruses than they used to be. Many were terrified during the first wave. “Some people thought it was great to stay home for three weeks. Deciding what is the right thing to do is hard work, so more and more people are playing fast and loose against the rules.”

Van Harreveld says social norms also play a role. “There are normative norms that dictate what you must do and descriptive norms that see what others are doing. So if your friends don’t follow the rules, you ignore them too. It also has a lot to do with social pressure: when your friends are hugging and you tell them you should bump your elbows, it makes it a little less partyy.”

https://www.parool.nl/english/what-s-your-coronatype-conformist-relaxed-vigilante~b8158f6e/ What is your corona type: Submissive, Relaxed, Alert?

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