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What Technologies has the Gambling Industry Brought to Us?

The gambling industry is one of the fastest-rising sectors globally, with its online phase now worth over 700 billion dollars. Many gamblers prefer gambling remotely over visiting a land-based casino owing to the perks that come with the former. Playing online is more convenient, offers multiple bonuses, and more. The industry has to introduce and keep up with the latest technology trends to deliver an unparalleled experience to gamblers.

Here are some of the most popular and best new technologies from the gambling industry.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

VR is arguably the technology of 2021, with the gambling industry applying this software in creating more realistic and immersive gameplay for players. It’s especially popular with fans 9f traditional casinos as it recreates many of its elements. Gamblers put on VR headsets and get a 360° view of an artificial but interactive environment.

You can play slots, poker, or roulette in virtual reality casinos. Elements such as 3D tables, chat functionality, authentic casino sounds, and more further enhance the experience. So, it’s of little wonder why the VR gambling industry accounts for over 500 million dollars of the sector’s revenue.

Mobile Availability and Cross-Compatibility

Online gambling websites provide players with game access across multiple devices. Are you using a desktop, Android, Windows, iOS, or an app? You don’t have to worry about your device, or operating system, as these casinos are cross-compatible. Upon the first set of smartphones, the gambling industry took the bold step and provided users with access to their website platforms on these devices. A decision that went on to become a pivotal factor in its history, as mobile phones grew in popularity.

Multiple online casinos are available on the internet, and you can access them on computers and smartphones without a dip in user experience. A feature many industries now emulate by making their software cross-compatible. You get to play slots, roulette, or poker with a single account, across all platforms, and still have access to jackpot wins if available.

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Parallax Scrolling Technology

Online casinos employ parallax scrolling technology on their websites to enhance user interface and experience. It’s one of the technologies of 2021 trends and gives browsing through a page, its 3D perception. It involves a special form of scrolling technique, one where the background images move slower than those of the foreground, creating an illusion of depth.

You’ll find this feature also on your social media apps, which has already been popular with the gambling masses. These platforms apply this tech to provide you a continuous scrolling news feed.

Cloud Computing

Gambling platforms employ cloud computing to make playing games and betting more accessible to players. You can join in on play even in restricted regions thanks to this technology. It’s also responsible for the functionality of in-play wagers, where users get to gamble on live events.

Operators don’t need a real server to process heavy data, with the cloud-based option efficiently providing the required processing power. This tech is why millions of gamblers globally can gamble during major events, and websites would still perform optimally.

Optical Camera Recognition Technology

The widespread application of OCR in the gambling industry reinforces its commitment to using the best new technology to create a safe and fair environment for gamblers. This software replaces the outdated Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) in monitoring and tracking cards in live poker, helping blur the lines between online and land-based gaming. Players and croupiers have the relevant information in real-time, helping to improve the flow of games.

OCR tech previously appeared in the document management and signing industry, before making it to the casino world. Now, this tech also comes in handy with translations, verifications, data entry automation, and more.

Final Thoughts

Technology continually evolves, and the gambling industry always looks to stay on top of the best new technology. Thanks to having a large number of the masses getting to use some of this tech, it has helped popularize them. Some of these promotions include the use of smartphones for gaming, widespread trust in cloud computing, the application of Parallax Scrolling, and more.


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