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who is BBB? BoerBurgerBeweging Explained – Northern Times

The BoerBurgerBeweging (Peasants’ Citizens’ Movement) shocked mainstream Dutch politics by winning 15 seats (out of 75) in the upper house of parliament in yesterday’s local elections, winning nearly 20% of the vote. This put the BBB on track to become the largest political party in the Dutch Senate. In doing so, the pro-Agricultural Party outperforms Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s liberal Liberal Democrat People’s Party, but not enough to nullify the ruling coalition’s plans to drastically cut nitrogen emissions from farms. Yet the BBB’s astounding success has cast doubt on support for the government’s environmental policies, and its decision to cut livestock numbers and buy and close as many as 3,000 farms. It calls into question the purpose.

But what does this victory mean? And what does the party stand for?

The BBB is now the third largest political force in the country. In Wednesday’s election, the party won the most votes in at least eight of the country’s 12 states. Upending government approaches to nitrogen emissions could be a key platform for governments.

What is the party’s main policy?

Founded in 2019, the party has traditionally been associated with peasant protest groups and rural communities that felt neglected by the Rutte government.

The party’s current leader is Caroline van der Plath, 55, a parliamentarian and former agriculture journalist, sporting her trademark green nail polish and an upside-down Dutch flag, a symbol of peasant protests. wearing a ring.

The party maintains a strong presence on social media, detailing all protests and showcasing farmers’ activities.

of the BBB Mission “Peasants cannot do without citizens, and citizens cannot do without farmers. There is style, and it’s self-evident to solve problems bottom-up with help from neighbors.

The BBB supports those residents who are unaware of the government’s policies aimed at big cities. ”

BoerBurgerBeweging pledges to challenge the Cabinet’s stance on the issue of nitrogen pollution.

Van der Plas described the government’s proposed solution as “a kind of dogma dictated by The Hague”.

https://northerntimes.nl/who-are-the-bbb-the-boerburgerbeweging-explained/ who is BBB? BoerBurgerBeweging Explained – Northern Times

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