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Who is the 250th guest in DN’s 10-question interview series?

Some of the 10 question interviewees over the last 10 years

Later this year, Dutch News will publish the 250th interview in its regular 10-question interview series. But who should that very special guest be?

To be eligible for inclusion, interviewees must have lived in the Netherlands for at least three years and have roots outside the country, but that’s it.

photographer Jimmy Nelson Restorer of the Mauritshuis Abby Vandivereformer Ajax footballer Lasse Schene and concerto musicians Dominic Serdis You are among those who share their views on life in Holland.

But the series also includes people who have chosen to retire here, refugees, startup entrepreneurs, and people who have come in search of love. How few people describe themselves as expats,” says Dutch News editor Robin Pascoe. “International, immigrant, global citizen… expat is actually considered a bit of a dirty word.”

In the 10 years since the series started, 59 nationalities have participated. The youngest interviewee was an 11-year-old twin, and the oldest was in his late 80s.

There are questions, living or dead, that identify the Dutch people interviewees most want to meet. Anne Frank, Queen Maxima, footballer Johan Cruyff and painter Vincent van Gogh are her among the most popular choices.

Interviewees’ favorite Dutch things range from their trusty bicycles, to the two-minute silence on Remembrance Day, to the full range of Dutch traits and customs.

Only 2 out of 10 questions have changed since launch. “We were asking people what they missed about their homes, and most of the time they said, ‘friends and family,'” says Pascoe. “And the answer was always either cheese or bitterballen, so we stopped asking people about their favorite Dutch dish.”

If you would like to suggest someone for the 250th interviewee, please let us know in the following ways: Facebook, twitter again Instagramor send an email to editor@dutchnews.nl.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/04/who-should-be-the-250th-guest-in-dns-10-questions-interview-series/ Who is the 250th guest in DN’s 10-question interview series?

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