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Who is the Future of The Netherlands’ Men’s Football Team?

The last time that the Netherlands managed to qualify for a big tournament was actually in 2014. They then managed to immortalise this by getting to the semi-finals. They did this with an unfancied squad to say the least. In the year 2010, they managed to get to the World Cup for the third time in history but they lost to Spain. Before the shock appearance of Croatia, they were actually the smallest nation to ever appear in the final. At the end of the day, it would seem that the Netherlands are overachievers and they have been able to build towns and cities from the reclaimed North Sea to try and help the nation thrive. If you want to find out more about the Netherlands or if you want to find out how the men’s football team then take a look below.

The Philosophy

When you look at the Dutch philosophy, you will soon see that it is somewhat well documented. They are truly trailblazers and they have also been credited with the term “total football”. If you look at the team, then you will soon see that they tend to have very favourable odds on online sportweddenschappen but other than this they are yet to really reach the top. The Dutch pioneered one of the most popular formations in the world of football and they did this when they opted for the 4-3-3. Of course, they helped to popularise this at the dawn of the era. Rinus Mickels managed to inspire a full generation of coaches and it was his ideology to bring the formation to what we know it to be today. It was his idea to try and bring an understanding of the team and the future that they intend to set for themselves. The idea of simply working for each other and then having a great understanding of each other’s role is what helped them to gain an advantage in the world of football. The Dutch really do have an exciting brand and the interpretation is that it is always changing. By adopting this concept and embracing it, theDutch were able to remain within a competitive industry and they were also able to achieve a remarkable feat.  They have stood the test of time so far and they have helped to bring a new lease of life to the sport, but that being said, have the team ever been truly successful? That could be up to date, they have had some shocking losses in the past and there is no telling what the future holds.

Johan Cruyff- a Legend of his Time

Johan Cruyff is a legend to say the least and he has also managed to win the ballon d’or a total of three times. It’s safe to say that he was playing at the peak of the football era and that he was influential in his style. He helped engineer the short passing game and this would bring about a new era of football overall. This saw a lot of Spanish dominance and this is especially the case when you look at the international market as well as domestic competition.


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