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Why Northwestern Europe is a Gold Mine for a Road Trip

Before we consider the reasons why Northwestern Europe is a gold mine for a road trip, we must decide which countries are included in the region. If we take a geographical definition of Northwestern Europe, this includes the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Northern France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Iceland.

So Many Different Countries

Having gone through the list above, it immediately becomes apparent why Northwestern Europe is such a wonderful place for a road trip. You can drive through several countries without ever having to leave the car and board a flight. You could start in the Republic of Ireland, get a boat over to England, get a boat to France, travel through Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Germany before getting on another boat and crossing to Denmark, before driving to Sweden and Norway. This would take a lot of time and you would need to spend many months on the road to do this road trip justice. However, it shows just how many countries you could visit easily.

Choosing a Region Based on Interests

Northwestern Europe is a fantastic place for a road trip because you can choose a region to explore based on your interests. For example, if you wanted to see spectacular fjords and waterfalls, you can embark on a road trip from Bergen to Trondheim in Norway. Complete with glaciers, snowy mountain peaks, huge waterfalls, and the world’s longest road tunnel, Norway is a tremendous Northern European country for a road trip. Alternatively, you could pack your international driving permit and head from the capital of France, Paris, to the capital of Germany, Berlin. Travelling through the hills of Champagne and Reims, via Luxembourg, and German medieval villages, this road trip is the perfect combination of big cities, countryside, and villages.

Many Places Not Available Via Public Transport

Many places in Northwestern Europe are not easy to reach via public transport. There are many fabulous hikes and viewpoints across this part of the continent but they are not accessible via public transport. That is why Northwestern Europe is the perfect place for a road trip because with your own vehicle, you can get anywhere without having to rely on booking tour buses or using a taxi. You can control your own schedule and make plans based on what you want to do and when, which is important when visiting remote regions of Northwestern Europe.

Sights Close Together

In comparison to the United States and Canada, Northwestern Europe is a small area. As highlighted above, you must take your time if you really want to appreciate everything the region has to offer. However, total driving time between major sights is nothing compared to North America. Using Scotland as an example, you can comfortably drive between Edinburgh, St Andrews, Glasgow, Aberdeen, and Inverness in one day, with plenty of stops. You can even extend the journey to the Isle of Skye and although it is a lot of driving in one day, you can see so much as the sights are close together in comparison to other parts of the world.

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