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Wind threatens to cancel New Year’s national fireworks show

The company that launches a national fireworks show at Rotterdam’s Erasmus Bridge at the turn of the year is concerned about wind forecasts for Saturday night. According to Jolanda Pen of Dream Fireworks, fireworks are not allowed if the wind force exceeds level 5 on the Beaufort scale, or about 39 km/h. “Somehow the tension has risen.”

Weeronline forecasts strong winds from the southwest, with strong winds of 7-8 or 50-75 km/h to bring storms along the coast, accompanied by heavy gusts. Penn believes things will be cut short in other municipalities where the company hosts fireworks shows.

These include Hoek van Holland and two other locations of the National Fireworks Program in Rotterdam’s Nesselande district.

There are also concerns about the continuation of shows at three locations in Hilversum, including Amsterdam, Hofweiver in The Hague and National Countdown Moments. Penn said the final decision rests with the states. “It would be very sad if that didn’t happen.”

At the moment, the wind is blowing at 9 meters per second, reports a spokesperson for DCMR Environmental Service Rijnmond. This translates to about 32 km/h and lands at a wind force of 5. The event could continue if the same conditions as Friday afternoon were maintained. There will be some checks on Friday and on New Year’s Eve he will have two inspectors available all day.

Ultimately, DCMR inspectors, the mayor, and the National Fireworks Festival organization will decide whether the fireworks display can continue, the spokesperson said.

https://nltimes.nl/2022/12/30/wind-threatens-cancel-new-years-national-fireworks-show Wind threatens to cancel New Year’s national fireworks show

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