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Winners announced for The Hague Media Awards 2023

The Hague Media Awards took place last week for the third time.  During a festive afternoon at the Beeld & Geluid in The Hague, media makers Bart Sturing, Niels Klaassen and Rijk van Duijn from The Hague were put in the spotlight. As winners, they will be rewarded not only with the award, but also with a cash prize.

The Hague Media Awards is an initiative of PIP The Hague and Beeld & Geluid in The Hague. The award has been presented to talented and distinctive media makers from The Hague and its surroundings since 2021. They are put in the spotlight to promote The Hague’s media maker climate. The Hague Media Awards should encourage local media makers to create their own content about their surroundings and experiences. The professional jury this year consisted of Hizir Cengiz, Daniëlle Zawadi and Sjaak Bral. They have designated the winners in the ‘image’ and ‘word’ categories. A public prize was also awarded.

Winners jury prizes and audience award

In the category ‘image’ the prize went to Bart Sturing, who made an atmospheric and raw documentary about Moerwijk-Oost (‘Parel Moerwijk’).

Niels Klaassen receives the Award in the ‘word’ category. The journalist made an insightful and measured podcast (‘O, o, De Mos‘) about the career of Hague politician Richard de Mos.

The audience award goes to Rijk van Duijn, who impressed with his impressive visual report of the PIP Boxing Gala. A total of more than 2,000 votes were cast for the audience award.

At the award ceremony, the jury expressed their surprise at the originality and quality of the entries. The Hague Media Awards show what a treasure trove of special creators The Hague has. The winners are awarded a cash prize of € 1000 (categories ‘word’ and ‘image’) and € 500 (audience award) respectively.


https://www.thehagueonline.com/news/2023/10/10/winners-announced-for-the-hague-media-awards-2023 Winners announced for The Hague Media Awards 2023

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