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Woman gives birth on A12 near Utrecht during rush hour

Police in Utrecht confirmed that the woman gave birth in a traffic jam during rush hour on Thursday afternoon. Despite the circumstances, both mother and child were doing well, according to infrastructure officials. It is at least the third time in three months that a baby has been born on a Dutch highway.

The incident happened around 5:30 pm on the A12 motorway near Halmeren, just west of Utrecht. “The highway was closed for a while, but then reopened. The delivery went smoothly and quickly,” police said.

At one point some of the westbound lanes were closed as police and paramedics tended to the woman. At one point there was a lot of traffic, but by 7pm it was mostly gone, according to Amsterdam National Park.

Utrecht police told newswire ANP that the mother named the child “Amalia”.

last month, woman gave birth in traffic Heavy traffic on the A2 near Maasbracht. women in April Giving birth on the A13 near Delft She and her partner rushed to the hospital with a midwife in tow.

Both parents and children were taken to hospital, where they were in good condition. At the birth of A13, parents Shannen and Luca named their child Bente.

“By the time the midwife came home, her water had already broken. I parked the car on the side of the road and everything went very quickly after that, I cut the umbilical cord on the highway,” Luca said a few days later.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/06/08/woman-gives-birth-a12-near-utrecht-rush-hour Woman gives birth on A12 near Utrecht during rush hour

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