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Women are twice as likely to get Covid vaccine side effects

Women are twice as likely to have side effects from vaccination against Covid-19 as men. According to the Dutch side effect research center Lareb, the difference in response rates between men and women is greatest after the first injection.

Notably, women reported nausea and injection site inflammation much more frequently than men.The women’s recovery was also slightly longer than men’s.

“It’s generally known that women experience more side effects from vaccines than men,” said Agnes Kant, director of LarĂ©v. “This is partly due to a stronger immune system response.” It is due to.”

More than 27,000 vaccinated people participated in this study. The majority of participants (62.5%) were female, but Lareb adjusted the dataset to account for this.

Lareb said the study could contribute to a body of knowledge about how men and women respond differently to vaccination. Information about this can be included in future vaccination campaigns.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/02/07/women-twice-likely-covid-vaccine-side-effects Women are twice as likely to get Covid vaccine side effects

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