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10 Excuses Not to Start Training

When someone points out a flaw in us, we are able to brush them off, saying, ‘You’re wrong, I’m freaking amazing!’, and while that is a good thing, our mindsets are even better at formulating excuses when we don’t feel like doing something, like that exercise routine you have wanted to start for ages. But, unfortunately, excuses are not reasons; they justify why we can’t do something in a certain way or time.

Take a look at our top ten:

I am too big

Your first day at the local gym can be very intimidating, especially if you meet people who have already achieved their desired body shapes. But these people have been working hard and could even have battled worse weight issues than you. Besides, everyone goes to the gym with their own goal in mind, and chances are they won’t even be looking at you. They will be beating last week’s achievement while listening to their favourite podcast. Even if they notice you, they will silently congratulate you for making a significant and healthy step in your life. So, lighten up because the gym was meant for everyone!

It’s too hot

We can’t control the weather, and therefore it’s always an easy excuse to throw around. In the summer, it’s too hot, while the winter is also too cold. As for spring and fall, you don’t want to waste away the good weather inside a gym, right? But are these real reasons? No, they’re not. If it’s cold, get yourself more layers; if it’s hot, simply drink plenty of water. Then, with the nice weather, exercise outdoors. Better yet, invite your buddies to a picnic and a game of soccer. Need more? Your dog will appreciate going for a run with you.

I don’t have the right gear

We always want to look good, and the gym is no exception. But any gear will do. Finding the ideal outfit which performs and fits perfectly will take several trials on different brands and styles. You can always do push-ups or squats indoors with any pair of shorts, leggings or t-shirt, so what’s really stopping you?

I have an injury

It is one of the most legitimate excuses our minds can think of. Sure, your doctor recommended no strenuous workouts until the next visit. But this quickly turns into an excuse. Being an athlete means exercising through your injuries, as long as you’re not affecting your recovery. If you have an injured ankle, do some bicep curls. Have back trouble? Low-impact yoga will do. Besides, some exercises can speed up recovery.

I’m too tired

If your schedule often gives you that ‘I’m drained feeling,’ you may find yourself gazing at your bed, wishing you could jump into those covers. However, anyone who has worked out despite wanting some more shut-eye can attest that it disappears once they get started since all you need is the momentum. You may be working crazy hours with inadequate sleep, and we will understand if you want to rest, but napping in the late afternoon means having a hard time sleeping at night, which only makes the sleepless nights a cycle. We recommend that you push through the training; you will be grateful you did!

I don’t have time

We make time for everything important to us. That said, if this is your excuse, then you aren’t as passionate about exercise as you should be and don’t realise what you are missing out on. Some people have as many responsibilities as you or even more, but they create time.

I’ll start next week/month/year

How about now? It’s easy to get comfortable behind the excuse. I mean, you may have full-time commitments causing delays, but working out evokes a better quality of life, from providing headspace to decreasing your stress levels. That means you can handle these demands on your life even better. So, go sweat out those frustrations!

I don’t want to bulk up

We must say, this is the funny one. It’s okay if you don’t want to look like those bodybuilders on billboards or TV; many people don’t. But using that as an excuse is unrealistic. You probably don’t know that body mass is built through hard work. It requires commitment and devotion. To work that hard, you have to wish for that bodybuilder physique. Otherwise, you are very far from achieving it.

I have no idea how to start

They are plenty of things you can do. Spare some time on your schedule for exercise, and stick to it. You don’t have to start big; some sit-ups ad push-ups in your living room will do. Then finally, when you are ready to get serious, consider training in a gym or outside. Better yet, get yourself a personal trainer suitable for your style.


Let’s put it this way, there are genuine reasons you can’t start training, but there are excuses too. Which is yours? Are they logical facts or just obstacles? Remember, you are in control, so set your pace as you like because those body goals are undoubtedly achievable. Start doing something now!


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