6 Essential Items to Create More Space in Your Small Home

Mortgages are getting expensive. It is not ideal to have a big house anymore in this fast-paced world. Small, livable spaces have become trendy due to necessity. Saving space and making the most of it is essential.

These small one-bedroom units aren’t all that bad. You may not be able to do a lot of things, but you can always make room for them. Since the 2000s, multipurpose furniture has become widespread. What you thought was a cabinet is probably hiding a bed. Plain-looking shelves could work as minimalist and nifty floating desks. In the past, you could always buy a desk with wheels, but now you can fold them too.

Even though they are not inexpensive, space-saving furniture can serve more functionality. If you need ideas on what to use in your small home, check out these six essential items to create more space!

1.  A Floating Desk

Ever since an article revealed that it’s unhealthy to sit for long periods, furniture companies started releasing all types of movable desks. Standing desks became particularly popular because it allows you to both stretch your legs and work on your laptop all at once.

One of the most underrated pieces of minimalist furniture is the floating desk. It’s not surprising since it can easily be mistaken for a small bookshelf. Among the several types of floating desks, some are mounted to the wall. There are others with wheels at the bottom. There are even ones so small, you can prop them on the bed.

There is a lot of perks to a floating desk. You can fold it up or roll it around anywhere you go, your chair will be the only one moving. In some cases, the floating desk also functions as a pantry shelf.

2.  Stackable Shelves

Anything can be put on a shelf. Aside from books, you can put shoes and pantry spices too! Shelves come in all shapes and sizes. Most are made with wood, while others are held up with stainless steel rods.

But as small spaces become valuable, so did the necessity of a shelf. This is why some people opt for something they can either stack or keep in a cupboard easily. A stackable shelf became the answer.

Some stackable shelves come in easy-to-assemble boxes. Meanwhile, others look like small trays. The best thing about having a stackable shelf is that you can choose how high you’d like the shelf to be.

3.  A Multipurpose Footrest

One hand on a cold drink, feet up on the bolster pillow. There is nothing better than lounging at home, extending your legs on a cushion after a long day of work. After using it for its sole purpose, it becomes an annoying piece of furniture you always have to put away. However, a multipurpose footrest will suit your small apartment better.

Even though it isn’t the most popular piece of furniture, knowing there are new ways to use it will make you change your mind. You can find a small compartment underneath the soft cushion in some. Others also double as an ottoman, a seat for when you have guests over. Another type of multipurpose footrest even acts as a coffee table.

4.  Hanging Organizers

There is nothing more annoying than not being able to find the item you need. Much more when you just saw it lying around the floor a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, not everyone has a knack for organizing.

Thankfully, there are hanging organizers! These have been around for quite a few decades now. What’s more, is, there is a type for every person’s needs. Some people use it to keep their shoes. On the other hand, some people use the envelope-style organizer to store important documents. Others go pocket-style to prevent children’s toys from scattering across the room.

Whether it’s to keep your towels in order or to make sure your jewelry is in full display, there is one hanging organizer for that. Best of all, it makes your home elegant and orderly.

5.  Collapsible Racks

Racks seem to be a part of every home. Almost everyone has a shoe rack in their closet. Pantry items, such as boxes of pasta and cereals, can also have their own. Even the dishwasher has one inside! But you have to admit, they take way too much space.

One of the ways to solve this problem is by getting a collapsible rack. These racks are either made of stainless steel or wood. Best of all, they can be easily dismantled and folded.

There are several collapsible racks to consider for your small home. A collapsible rack mounted on the wall is great to hang clothes in. Meanwhile, a foldable wooden collapsible rack is great for organizing dishes.

6.  A Folding Bed

Next to the dining table, it’s the bed that can take up a lot of space. Others opt for a single bed, while others don’t get one at all! They would rather have a mattress on the floor than an expensive bed frame that they have no space for. That’s why most home designers of petite spaces recommend getting a folding bed instead.

Despite looking cheap and fragile, a high-quality folding bed isn’t that hard to find. You just have to remember to get ones made with reliable stainless steel. After all, you are going to use this bed for a long time.

Some people reinforce the folding bed by attaching it to a wooden frame. Just by pulling a tab, you can finally have a bed of your own for a much lesser price. You can always push it back before you go out. Whether it’s under the sofa or attached to the wall, people with smaller apartment units prefer hiding the folding bed in the least obvious place. That way, it works both as a surprise and a hidden feature.


It is always best to consider the long-term effects of buying furniture. But it is also important to remember how much space you have before getting one. Sure, choosing furnishings for your home can be tedious. However, you can always make it exciting when you turn space-saving into a challenge. Remember to visit and check out the items you may need for your home!

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