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Are Dating Cultures Different in the USA, Europe and Asia?

Dating is dating. Two people who like each other start chatting online, meet in person and continue seeing each other for as long as they decide. That might be the rawest definition of dating ever, but it served the purpose. It showed you that dating isn’t much different for people anywhere in the world nowadays. Still, there are some differences between dating cultures in the USA, Europe, and Asia. Those differences will disappear thanks to globalization, but it will take some time until they’re gone. Those looking to start dating someone from a different culture should learn how their culture differs from the culture of their desired partners. This article will help with that, but first, it will mention an industry that made international dating simple.

International Dating is Possible Thanks to Online Dating

The Internet keeps shaping the world we live in by making amazing things possible. Having a pen pal is the closest people could get to international dating in the past. Nowadays, online daters are exchanging photos, videos, and secrets in real-time. International dating sites are connecting people from different continents and cultures quicker than ever. And because so many people migrate all the time, international dating isn’t only for travelers anymore.

The perfect examples are these five 100% free Chinese dating sites that combine international and local dating. They connect Chinese singles or people from different cultures in the USA. It’s unnecessary to talk about their popularity because Chinese singles are popular among USA natives thanks to Asian pop culture. Dating someone from a different culture isn’t taboo anymore, so millions of singles engage in interracial and international dating online.

How Are Dating Cultures Around the World Similar

Although there are many differences between dating cultures worldwide, there are many similarities too. In every country, being polite and kind takes people a long way. Maybe not as fast as being direct and aggressive, but it does. That leads to another similarity among dating cultures. Although seduction is a respect game, those who don’t mind being mildly persistent usually have more success. It means that people who know how to articulate their needs and aren’t afraid to work on them get rewarded for their determination.

Some other obvious similarities are arranged marriages, or the lack of them, to be precise. In most countries, singles are choosing their partners without their family interfering with their choice. Also, most dating cultures have turned digital in the last couple of years, so people are meeting partners online more than they did before.

How the Search For Love in the USA, Europe, and Asia Differs

Dating culture in the USA is what all of us watch in TV shows and movies. Couples start having fun, which leads to a hookup, and then another date, and another. It sometimes takes months before partners determine if they’re exclusive. In Japan, that would be absurd. Most couples start their relationships by admitting affection. That makes new relationships more stable because both sides know what to expect.

Dating is taken very seriously in Asia. Its main purpose is to get married, so it’s not surprising that schools for men exist in China. Because of the gender gap, men have to put in extra effort to meet Chinese women. International dating sites will hopefully help with that. Dating culture is something between dating culture in the USA and Asia. We’re even thinking about introducing universal phone chargers. That’s how blended we are.

Some European countries have a dating culture similar to American casual dating. But others are taking dating seriously. I guess that’s what you get when you put so many different nations on such a small continent.

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